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Cool Car Loan images

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“i simply got off jail” #282
used car loan
Image by The Urban Scot
I spotted this person walking by me personally on Saturday and then he had just the right quantity of grit – I though he’ll do an actual good difficult pose.
Therefore I stopped him along with a fast talk about my concept in which he joined me personally into the alley for an image.
Once again I happened to be shooting with a loan camera and making use of a ranger quadra light by elinchrome therefore it had been all rather experimental!

I understood what I wished so after some shots I got him to cross their arms over his chest and I also asked him to look mean, "imagine someone only took your car" that he grinned a pleased smile and said "i simply got away from prison" before looking at their shot grabbing my card and walking down!

It was, for anyone in the UK, a Phil Mitchell minute and another great encounter that without street portraits I would have missed on!

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Shot 282 in my 100 strangers task – get more info in the100 Strangers Flickr Group page on Flickr.
Urban Scot

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