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Nice Mastercard photos

Nice Mastercard photos

Some cool mastercard images:

initial impression of the pre paid mastercard from
Image by philcampbell
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Image by Glebkach

Amadeo – Mastercard – McCann Erickson – 2009
Image by sitemarca
En el marco de la promoción “Haciendo Goles”, la tarjeta presentá una nueva campaña que busca acercar a la marca al público futbolero. El protagonista es un personaje ficticio autor de las canciones que se escuchan en la cancha. A través de los comerciales creados en formato documental, Amadeo, un músico profesional y experimentado, demostrará su relación con los amantes de este deporte.

La nueva campaña 360º, incluye 5 piezas de televisión y 4 videos virales para Internet que muestran al protagonista cuándo descubre su oficio y da origen a algunos de los cantos más populares del fútbol en su infancia, y ya de grande, convertido en un compositor consagrado, y creador de clásicos como “Todos la vuelta vamos a dar”. Además, se incluyen videos virales con canciones que Amadeo compuso con cariño para los Directores Técnicos, Lineman, Jugadores Transferidos y Dirigentes.

La publicidad se estará emitiendo a través de espacios en TV, radio, medios gráficos, Internet, Mobile y acciones virales.

La creatividad de la acción estuvo a cargo de McCann Erickson. El nuevo comercial busca rescatar un momento Priceless que es el que los hinchas viven en la cancha cuando cantan a coro himnos futboleros para alentar a sus equipos.

Ficha Técnica:
Agencia de publicidad: McCann Erickson.
Director general creativo: Sebastián Castañeda.
Productora; Reed Creek.
Estudio: Circo Beat.

Nice Personal Finance photos

Nice Personal Finance photos

A few nice personal finance images I found:

Human Hand Human Body Part One Person Food And Drink Food Preparation Baking Sheet Holding Indoors Bread Freshness Oven Personal Perspective Baked Bakery Business Finance And Industry People Baker – Occupation One Man Only Baking Bread Cake♥
personal finance
Image by minhquanfoto

personal finance
Image by danielfoster437
Aiming upward in New York City.

Nice Annual Credit Report Gov photos

Nice Annual Credit Report Gov photos

A few nice annual credit report gov images I found:

Image from page 170 of “Annual report of the Governor of the Panama Canal for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1919” (1919)
annual credit report gov
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: annualreportofgo1919cana
Title: Annual report of the Governor of the Panama Canal for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1919
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Canal Zone. Office of the Governor
Subjects: Canal Zone Politics and government Periodicals.
Publisher: Washington : G.P.O.
Contributing Library: University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries with support from Lyrasis and the Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
9684,2962,845 7,7791,0415,6373,3542,7833,098 37,9023,1581,599 Table No. 7.—Number of repairs to rolling stock. Month. 1918. July August September October November December 1919. January February March April May June Total Average this year.Average last year. Locomotives. Heavy. Running. 675i 7 828885901880897940 905 744877692796 10,211851970 Cars. Shop. Field 252222210163121222 181210282189170237 2,459205299 1,4271,5981,6141,1761,5341,750 1,8041,4232,1.521,6071,5561,518 19,1591,5971,920 Cranes. 2261938 Others. Total. 2,5502,7372,7582,2492,5882,946 2,9122,4093,3372,5022,5442,665 32,1972,6833,236 REPORT OF SUPERINTENDENT, MECHANICAL DIVISION. 133 Table No. 8—Mechanical DUisiun, fiscal year 1918-19. Status as of June 30. 1919 : Credit. Overhead expense .0,210. 54 Reserves : Equipment repairs , 997. 77 Structure repairs 22, 897. 10 Accrued leave, holiday time ^ 138, 44G. 36 185, 341. 23 Stock on liaud 22, GOO. 18 Work in progress 408, (!84. 80 Total 756, 836. 75 140921°—19 10

Text Appearing After Image:
3DVl.NaDa3d aSKGdVa CIV3HiJ3A0 CJ sdOQvn 3Aixonaoa<d CJ J.N302l3d p o O Q o h- vS) in tJ- ^

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Image from page 470 of “Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the … session of the Legislature of the State of California” (1853)
annual credit report gov
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: appendixtojourna19053cali
Title: Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the … session of the Legislature of the State of California
Year: 1853 (1850s)
Authors: California. Legislature
Subjects: Legislative journals
Publisher: Sacramento : State Printing
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
e Insurance and Trust American Credit Indemnity.. Ocean Accident and Guarantee Bankers Life Association Decimal Mutual Life Fidelity Mutual Aid Pacific Coast Casualty Total ,670 736,716 6020 0075 0020 0030 00 131 0620 0020 00 1,345 681,433 2820 0020 0065 0020 0020 0020 00 20 00 903 32 30 00 40 00 20 00 522 56 263 79 30 00 132 9130 00 30 0020 001,166 3420 0050 00 918 6120 0020 0020 0020 00 20 0035 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0035 00 ,134 88 I certify the foregoing to be a full, true, and correct statement of thereceipts of the Insurance Department of the State of California for theyear nineteen hundred and two. M. M. RHORER,Deputy Insurance Commissioner. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 29th day of July, A. D. 1903. [notarial SEAL.] JAMES L. KING, Notary Public in and for the City and Countyof San Francisco, State of California. THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER STATE OF CALIFORNIA YEAR ENDING DECEMBER131, 1903 E. MYRON WOLF, Insurance Commissioner

Text Appearing After Image:
SACRAMENTO:w. w. SHANNON, : : : : superintendent state printing. 1905. THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL REPORT INSURANCE COMMISSIONER OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA Insurance Department, San Francisco, August 1, 1904.To His Excellency, George C. Pardee, Governor of the State of California:Sir: In compliance with the provisions of Section 595 of the Polit-ical Code, I submit herewith the thirty-sixth Annual Report of theInsurance Department of the State of California, showing the con-dition of insurance business in this State for the year ending December31, 1903. The total number of companies authorized to transact insurancebusiness in the State during the said year was 212. Of these, 133were fire and marine companies; thirty-three legal reserve life insur-iince companies; three assessment life, health, and accident insurancecompanies; thirty-three miscellaneous companies, and ten county firemutuals. Of the 133 fire and marine insurance companies, eighty-four transactonly fire business; thirty-three do

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

6.6.2016 Scouting Report to the Commonwealth
annual credit report gov
Image by Office of Governor Baker
On Monday, June 6, 2016, Lt. Governor Polito attended the Second Annual Scouting Report to the Commonwealth, a ceremony held in the State Senate Chamber to honor the achievements and continued success of the Boy Scouts in Massachusetts.

(Photo Credit: Sam Berube)

Nice Debt Management photos

Nice Debt Management photos

Check out these debt management images:

Psyche Bend Pump House 1891
debt management
Image by denisbin
the Chaffey brothers of Canada were such amazing visionaries that they could see how this semi-desert country could be transformed into a fruit bowl with verdant growth. Their foresight was remarkable. Their story is almost amazing. In 1884 the Victorian Premier, Alfred Deakin (later PM of Australia) went to California to visit irrigated colonies as Victoria had suffered a long drought from 1877-84. There he met George and William Chaffey and invited them to come and work irrigation miracles in Victoria. The concept was for the Chaffey brothers to buy the land and water rights at a low price, start irrigation and develop the land and sell it on at a high price. The Victorian government in 1886 gave the Chaffey brothers 250,000 acres of land on the old Mildura sheep station on the Murray for an irrigated colony development. The Chaffeys had to build pumping stations to obtain the water from the river, dig water canals and trenches, clear the land, level it for irrigation and then sell it. Their agreement with the government meant they had to spend £300,000 on these improvements over 20 years. They advertised for investors in California and Canada where they were already known as well as Melbourne and Adelaide. They advertised the 10 acre fruit blocks as grape, fruit orchard and orange grove lands. The Chaffeys began work in 1887 led by William. Younger brother Charles went to oversee the development of Renmark in SA. William selected 200 acres for himself near the Psyche Bend Pumping Station and now the site of the Chateau Mildura Winery. William Chaffey established this in 1888 one year after settlement work began. They hoped to irrigate 33,000 acres in the first stage. By 1890 3,300 people were living in the Mildura district. But the land boom of the 1880s collapsed around 1890 as Australia headed into drought and a major economic depression. Consequently the Chaffeys went bankrupt in both Mildura and Renmark in 1895. A Victorian Royal Commission in 1896 found the Chaffeys responsible for the collapse of the irrigated colonies. The Chaffeys certainly advertised and painted a rosy picture of the prospects of Mildura and Renmark but such a grandiose scheme without government financial backing was doomed to failure in Australia, especially when a worldwide economic depression hit it.

All that William had left after their bankruptcy was his winery, 200 acres of irrigated fruit block and the mansion he had built earlier in 1889 called Rio Vista (river view). William worked like any other fruit blocker. He unsuccessfully tried to sell Rio Vista but could not find a buyer. He helped the area establish a dried fruit marketing board and he earned the respect of the citizens of Mildura. He became President of the shire council in 1903 and the first city Mayor in 1920. He was so admired by the town residents that they presented him with a Ford motor car in 1911. He eventually paid off his debts to the Victorian government. He died at Rio Vista in 1926. There is now a fine statue of him in the centre of Deakin Avenue- the main street- named after the Victorian Premier and later Australian Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin. It was erected in 1929. This street is also one of the longest avenues in the world at 12.1 kms in length!

Throughout this period most of William’s income came from the winery. It produced table wine until around 1900 when it switched to fortified wines (sherry and port) and the distilling of brandy. Transport of produce was difficult until the railway arrived in Mildura in 1903. In 1910 he formed the larger Mildura Winery Company with a second distillery at Merbein. After William’s death the brand name was changed to Mildara in 1937. As an adjunct to the winery he established the Australia Dried Fruits Association around 1895. This was a way of using local fruit because there was no transport available for perishable food before the arrival of the railway from Melbourne in 1903. Dried fruit could be stored for a long time and it did not matter if considerable time was taken to get it to the city markets. So Chaffey established the two main products of the Mildura region- wines and spirits and dried fruit. Both were exported to England. William married twice. His first wife and some infant children are buried near the original Mildura Station on the Murray. His second wife is buried near him in Nichols Point cemetery. He was survived by 3 sons and 3 daughters. One later bought Avoca Station from the Cudmores!

Meantime the SA Premier, Sir John Downer offered the Chaffey brothers 250,000 acres of Crown Land at Renmark and they accepted that too. With 500,000 acres to develop the brothers George and William worked hard and their younger brother Charles also came out from California to manage the Renmark operation. The Mildura and the Renmark scheme were losing money so George tried to sell land blocks in the irrigation schemes in London in 1894 but he failed to find a buyer. In December 1894 the Chaffey brothers went into liquidation with huge debts and owing extensive wages to their employees. George then returned to Canada; William stayed on in Mildura; and Charles stayed on in Renmark. Charles Chaffey’s residence in Renmark called Olivewood is owned by the National Trust. It is built in Canadian log cabin style but with Australian verandas. It is probably the oldest residence in Renmark as it was erected in 1889. Charles ran the operation in Renmark until 1904 when he returned to Canada with his family and the bank repossessed the home. It had several owners until acquired by the National Trust in 1979. Only William and his family stayed the course and really developed the Australian irrigation colonies. When the Chaffeys went bankrupt the state governments took over the management and operation of the irrigation colonies with SA setting up the Renmark Irrigation Trust and Victoria the Mildura Irrigation Trust. Another of the legacies of the Chaffeys is the layout of both Renmark and Mildura which are remarkably similar. William Chaffey followed a standard California/USA approach with a wide divided avenue to be the centre thoroughfare of each town, with consecutively numbered streets running across the grand avenue. Streets running parallel to the main avenue had individual names. Hence in Mildura you have Ontario Avenue (reflecting the Chaffey Canadian origins) and San Mateo Avenue (California linkages) etc.

Mildura – founded in 1887.
The town was named after the original Mildura station which in turn was named from a local aboriginal word meaning “red earth”. Pastoralism began in 1847 when squatter Francis Jenkins moved here from NSW. He thought he was in SA! But his occupation was not legal and the leasehold went to Hugh and Bushby Jamieson who called their property of 150,000 acres Mildura. Once the river boat trade began in 1854 they expanded their sheep flock to 10,000. Alexander McEdward bought the property in the 1870s and later the government resumed it for the Chaffeys irrigation colony in 1887. Mildura grew very slowly even after the Chaffeys started their great work of clearing, felling, levelling and pumping water to turn the semi-desert into fruit blocks. The 1890s were economically depressed. The government Irrigation Trust continued the Chaffey work after 1894 and by 1910 the town was well established with a railway station (1903), a large temperance hotel, a school, stores, churches, a Carnegie Library, a public institute and a Working Man’s’ Club. Opposite the railway station was a well patronised river wharf and port. William Chaffey became the first Mildura mayor in 1920 and when the population had reached 15,000 in 1934 the town was declared a city.

Soldier settlers after World War One and Two were offered fruit blocks in the district and in both eras they helped boost the growth and population of the area. Today Mildura has the second busiest airport in Victoria outside the Melbourne area, and it is still growing. It now relies on tourism and retirement living as well as fruit and grape production for its economic output. Its warm climate makes it a favoured retirement spot for southern Victorians!

Mildura Churches.
Some of the churches in Deakin Avenue are worth mentioning. On the corner of Deakin and Eleventh is the Anglican Church on one side and the Presbyterian (now Uniting) on the other. St. Margaret’s Anglican is made of local stone and brick with a squat square church tower. On the next corner of Tenth Street are two outstanding churches- the 1912 Methodist on one side and the 1914 Church of Christ on the other. The Church of Christ is in simple Greek classical style with a triangular pediment, rectangular façade, balustrade along the roof line and some simple columns flanking the door. The former Methodist Church, now an employment agency is most unusual. It is octagonal in shape with alternating layers of red and almost white brick work, with a large dome and minarets on some corners of the eight sides. It looks very much like a Middle Eastern mosque. The building has been given a government grant of 0,000 to restore the former Wesleyan Methodist Church to its former grandeur. It was built in 1912 as the 25th commemoration of the original Chaffey brother’s indenture signing for the Mildura Irrigation Colony (1887). It was designed by Melbourne architect G.B Leith and it was purposefully done in Middle Eastern style.

Art Deco in Mildura.
When wheat and wool prices collapsed during the great depression of the 1930s the demand for wine, spirits and fruit continued. Cities like Mildura continued to expand during the depression and so Mildura, like Renmark and Barmera has some fine Art Deco style buildings constructed in the 1930s, or even a bit later but still in the Deco style. If you go for a morning walk you might like to look out for the Power Supply Company substation in the median strip (built 1936) in Deakin Avenue:; and Etherington’s Jewellery Shop at 85 Deakin (built 1932). This is a great example. In Langtree Avenue look for: Bowring’s Buildings on corner of Eight Street; the former Commercial Bank also on the corner of Eight Street (built 1932); and the T & G Tower on the other corner with Eight Street (built around 1928). Along Langtree look for the former Capital Theatre at 39 Langtree (built 1935). All these buildings have geometric decoration; interesting plaster mouldings; many vertical lines; circles, pyramids and diagonal lines; shiny metal handles and glossy tiles, and design influences from Egypt, Mexico and classical Greek temples.

Storm on the Horizon Rays of Hope
debt management
Image by Merrill College of Journalism Press Releases
Photo: Storm on the Horizon has Rays of Hope shining down across a rural countryside with a barbed wire fence.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Innovative University of Maryland research went to print last week in two leading scientific publications. Faculty members and a Ph.D. student from the Department of Geographical Sciences (Behavioral and Social Sciences) highlighted their significant findings on the use of marginal lands for alternative fuel production and global biodiversity research.


Adjunct Professor César Izaurralde and Ph.D. candidate Ritvik Sahajpal have published a groundbreaking study, titled “Sustainable bioenergy production from marginal lands in the US Midwest,” in the current issue of Nature, that outlines how marginal lands – those deemed unsuitable for food crops – can be used to generate alternative energy fuels by the growth of grasses and non-woody plants (“biomass”) that thrive naturally.

While finding efficient uses for marginal lands is not new, this is the first study of its kind to offer an estimate for the greenhouse gas benefits as well as a concrete assessment on the full-scale potential for marginal lands to produce significant amounts of biomass.

This is also the first study to show that grasses and other non-woody plants that grow naturally on unmanaged lands are sufficiently productive to make ethanol production worthwhile. Researchers are hopeful that alternative fuel production could also be increased by the deliberate selection of the mix of plant species grown on marginal lands.

“With conservation in mind, these marginal lands can be made productive for bioenergy production and, in so doing, contribute to avoid the conflict between food and fuel production,” says Izaurralde, a soil scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Dr. Izaurralde also is a laboratory fellow at the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a collaboration of the PNNL and UMD. Research for the marginal lands project was primarily funded by the Department of Energy’s Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Michigan State University, along with the support of UMD and the PNNL. The researchers focused on 10 Midwestern states, drawing from 20 years of data from MSU’s Long-term Ecological Research Site (LTER). A primary goal was to compare and characterize the productivity and greenhouse gas impacts of different crops, such as corn, alfalfa and old-field vegetation.

Beyond generating alternative energy fuels, the benefits for using marginal lands include new revenue for farmers and other landowners. There would also be no inherent carbon debt from land conversion if existing vegetation is used, or if new crops are planted alongside existing vegetation.

The study – published in the January 16 issue of Nature, is called Sustainable bioenergy production from marginal lands in the US Midwest and can be read here:…


As part of an international team of co-authors, Professor George Hurtt published ‘Essential Biodiversity Variables’ in the newest issue of Science magazine.

The article finds that while reducing the rate of biodiversity loss and averting dangerous biodiversity change are clearly international goals, the lack of a global observation and information/data delivery system on biodiversity change has proven to be an obstacle to progress.

“Reducing global biodiversity loss, and the loss of habitat on which it depends, is a goal with broad support around the world,” says Professor Hurtt. “Coordinated international monitoring of a common set of essential biodiversity variables should greatly improve the scientific information basis on which the best management decisions can be made.”

The study – published in the January 18 issue of Science, is called Essential Biodiversity Variables and can be read here:…

Nice Car Loans photos

Nice Car Loans photos

Some cool car and truck loans photos:

Tower Transit TAL33201 on Route 295, Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s
car loans
Image by wltmauc
LX04 FXL, on loan from Ensignbus

MCD01 Optare MetroCity Demonstrator
car loans
Image by lees coach pics
Optare MetroCity Demonstrator MCD01 on loan to Quality Line for a few months (YJ14BFY) on college Route 641 at Teddington School on its first day of service.

Nice Repair Credit photos

Nice Repair Credit photos

Some cool correct credit photos:

Aerial view of ESA’s technical centre
fix credit
Image by europeanspaceagency
The date is fixed: you might be invited to visit ESA’s technical heart inside Netherlands for the annual Open Day on Sunday, 8 October.

The theme this present year is Bringing Space to Earth. Visit us to meet up with astronauts and goal specialists, observe we simulate area on the ground, and see the ability and technologies cut back to Earth from area.

For the time being, please save yourself the date. You are able to register to attend ESA’s Open Day within the Netherlands from 3 July.

In place for longer than half a hundred years, the ESTEC European area Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk on North Sea coastline is ESA’s largest organization, dedicated to developing technology, planning missions and examination satellites.

The hub of your continent’s room work, this is where the majority of European space jobs are created, developed and tested before their particular routes into orbit.

Credit: ESA – Jan Van Haarlem/Gallery Imaging bv, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

DSC_1608 – Sunrise at Terence Bay
fix credit
Image by archer10 (Dennis) 95M Views
PLEASE, NO invitations or self promotions, THEY’LL CERTAINLY BE ERASED. My photographs are able to utilize, only offer me credit therefore will be good in the event that you let me know, thanks a lot.

Sunrise at the lighthouse. Sandy Cove, Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lighthouse Area: On Shipley Head, entrance to Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lighthouse construction: Tapered square lumber tower, white

Tower level: 026ft feet.
Light height: 048ft feet.
Light range: 6 miles.
Light characteristic: Fixed Red (1990).
Light automated (destaffed): by 1993
1973 – changed initial tower of 1885, possibly just the lantern was removed

Fixing Glasses
fix credit
Image by Jayel Aheram
I was on line and my spectacles were falling-off my face. I just shot my first mag of five rounds for my battle zero. It absolutely was an attractive chance group, basically say so myself.

Photography credit to Rodrick Rock. Cropping, post-processing, modeling if you ask me.

Nice Mastercard photos

Nice Mastercard photos

A couple of wonderful mastercard images I found:

< img alt="mastercard"src=""width="400"/ > Picture by SimonQ錫濛譙 Master的logo已經被刷成這樣了 。 Discolored MasterCard Sign Photo by The Webhamster

< img alt="mastercard"src=""size="400"/ > Photo by Pierre Metivier Cartes

Nice Secured Credit Card photographs

Nice Secured Credit Card photographs

Some cool secured charge card images:

Money and printing virtual money via bank card agreements
secured bank card
Image by Julian Partridge
* "money printing" occurs on an invisible however huge scale via creditcard limit take-up; shock connect to financial recovery and task creation!

Risk designers:

* virtual money "printing" is certainly caused by deregulated and de-centralised

* credit score is a gamble on Mr X’s future debt payment overall performance

* Mr X credit score just isn’t in addition to the "bond purchaser"

* no exposure of quality of Mr X’s task forecast

* no presence of quality of Mr the’s enterprise forecast

* Mr A is effortlessly the business and credit card operator combined

* development is dependant on increasing Mr X’s financial obligation

* debt is used for usage maybe not investment

* unlike HP, credit just isn’t supported by safe assets

* usage is vulnerable to style changes and resource shortages

* consumption is at risk of perception of private indebtedness

* if earnings tend to be paid via credit cards also then ratio of virtual cash : legal-tender becomes endless

* if credit history is not based on genuine prospects for legal-tender generation [ie productive premium work] then the system becomes totally speculation-driven

* if Mr X’s work is based on Mr the’s wide range [eg whenever monetary services head the commonwealth pyramid] then work vulnerability is increased [suspect that is cause for even worse damage being caused to British economic climate rather than Germany’s]


The credit crunch is visible as a massive throttling back of digital money printing by the world Plc – ie a huge reverse quantitative reducing event.

Government quantitative easing are unable to offset this while they just handle a small percentage regarding the digital money in blood supply.

Basically digital money is backed from the valuation associated with work customers when it comes to populace.

Therefore money safety is directly associated with task security: zero-unemployment guarantee is crucial to financial success overall. And data recovery [without a complete re-engineering with this system] is straight connected to real work creation.



Richard Wilkins
secured bank card
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Real Time Songs Photographer
Legally Blonde The Musical starts at Celebrity, Sydney


Media tend to be invited to cover the Purple Carpet arrivals at the Gala Australian Premiere associated with the leading musical LEGALLY BLONDE on Thursday October 4, 2012. Guests within opening evening feature NSW Minister for Major Activities and Arts George Souris; X Factor judges Mel B and Natalie Bassingthwaite; Adam Garcia; Danielle Spencer; Home and Away’s Dan Ewing, Lisa Gormley, David Jones Roberts and Rhiannon Fish; Triple J break fast team Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson; MTV’s Keiynan Lonsdale, Kate Peck and Jules Sebastian; tv characters David Campbell, Michael Caton, Laura Csortan, Gigi Edgley, Josh Horner and Kerri-Anne Kennerley; stars of music theatre including Kelley Abbey, Simon Burke, Bobby Fox, Amanda Harrison and Ian Stenlake; alongside the UK producer of LEGALLY BLONDE Howard Panter and his Australian co-producer John Frost.

Sydney will continue to secure top notch entertainment thanks to our pals within celebrity and Lyric, therefore we encourage one to discover exactly what all the hassle is all about.



Kelley Abbey
Mel B
Tom Ballard
Natalie Bassingthwaite
Angela Bishop
Simon Burke
Tina Bursill
David Campbell
Michael Caton
Michael Cormick
Laura Csortan
Paulini Curuenavuli
Andrew Daddo
Lochie Daddo
Chloe Dallimore
Lorrae Desmond
Alex Dyson
Gigi Edgley
Dan Ewing
Rhiannon Fish
Bobby Fox
Mia Freedman
Adam Garcia
Mark Geyer
Julie Lea Goodwin
Lisa Gormley
Amanda Harrison
Nancye Hayes
Josh Horner
George Houvardes
Verity Hunt-Ballard
Bartholomew John
David Jones Roberts
Kerri-Anne Kennerley
Toni Lamond
Damien Leith
Keiynan Lonsdale
Stephen Mahy
Reece Maston
Andrew McFarlane
Marney McQueen
Sharon Millerchip
Ben Mingay
Tara Morice
Peter Morrissey
Amanda Muggleton
Callan Mulvey
Stephen Webpage
Kate Peck
Ed Phillips
Kathryn Robinson
Jordan Rodrigues
Magdalena Roze
Anne Sanders
Jules Sebastian
The Hon George Souris
Danielle Spencer
Ian Stenlake
Erik Thomson
Maria Venuti
Brian Walsh
Richard Wilkins
Gus Worland

On the basis of the hit film of the identical name featuring Reese Witherspoon, LEGALLY BLONDE may be the award-winning London and Broadway feeling produced by a top-of-their-class innovative group, led by Tony Award-winning manager and Olivier Award-nominated choreographer Jerry Mitchell (Hairspray). LEGALLY BLONDE went for three victorious years in the western End, over two years on Broadway and is currently on an important UNITED KINGDOM journey playing to packed houses. Winner of seven major awards like the coveted ideal New Musical 2011 (Olivier Awards®) all of this singing, all dancing intimate comedy is about understanding who you are and showing that which you’ve got!

The Australian Premiere of this award-winning Broadway and western End sensation ended up being secured for Sydney utilizing the assistance of the NSW national through Destination NSW additionally the City of Sydney.

The Sydney Lyric Theatre will probably be number on popular music ‘Legally Blonde’.

Legally Blonde The Musical is the hilarious story of university sweetheart and homecoming queen, Elle Woods – a lady whon’t just take no for an answer. Whenever the woman boyfriend dumps the girl for somebody "serious", Elle sets down the credit card, strikes the books and heads for Harvard Law class! On the way, she demonstrates that becoming real to your self never ever fades of style.

Legally Blonde The Musical – Winner of Best Musical 2011 Olivier Awards and a smash hit working into its third 12 months from the West End was created by a world-class creative team led by Tony Award-winning director Jerry Mitchell.

Based on the film featuring Reese Witherspoon and staying real on script, Legally Blonde the Musical is a feel-good number with a ’90s feel.

College lover Elle heads to law college to win back her boyfriend Warner after he dumps her for somebody more severe, only to graduate top of the woman class and discover a far better love interest.

Warner, also, discovers the nerve to dump family members objectives of a career in-law and politics and go after their true calling as a design.

"i have seen it on Broadway and also the western End and it is great. It really does perform some movie justice," leading actress Lucy Durack says.

"I adore the role of Elle. Up to she seems like she hasn’t an attention on the planet, folks are unkind to the lady and assess the girl and she struggles with that.

"But she takes a confident path and rises above it. She does not make the reasonable roadway, previously. The whole show is a celebration – be who you really are, the most effective form of yourself, and get proud."


Legally Blonde The Musical (Australia)

The Celebrity

Sydney Lyric Theatre

Echo Entertainment

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Songs Information Australia

internet protocol address Publicity