Sweet A Bankruptcy Proceeding photographs

Sweet A Bankruptcy Proceeding photographs

A few good individual bankruptcy pictures i discovered:

Stone Fridge
personal bankruptcy
Image by TheRealYsmay
Adam Horowitz assembled this installation art task behind my house.

Horowitz very first approached Santa Fe in 1997; after months of meetings and a million insurance plan he had been given the go-ahead for his set up.

In the 1st 12 months, he obtained significantly more than 200 fridges; your day after their task had been authorized, Horowitz had been informed his refrigerators was "accidentally" bulldozed. He began once again, putting adverts in the report and likely to thrift stores, and gathered 99 more – they also had been bulldozed. "Political feuds, individual bankruptcy and large-scale vandalism" have slowed down the process. Vandals even-set down bombs inside fridges, which are bolted together.

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