Bridge Moving House (2)

Bridge Moving House (2)

Some cool home equity images:

Bridge Moving House (2)
home equity
Image by Lex Photographic
One of my favourite bridges on our first WealthBuilders journey to Chicago. Here we have an image of Home Equity at the centre of a bridge over the obstruction of the river, and acting as a way for the railway. What a great metaphor!

And they reminisce over better days….
home equity
Image by Alex E. Proimos
The prospects for many retirees aren’t very optimistic these days, no thanks to the bearish stock market we’ve been experiencing. Many are close to retirement and wondering if their savings will be enough for them to retire on. They may be facing some unattractive options and possible lifestyle changes in the near future. To be in their shoes could mean contemplating about coming out of retirement and getting a job in this poor economy, or maybe executing a reverse mortgage if there’s enough equity in one’s home to draw from.

What a way to be repaid for a lifetime of work?

I don’t have an office
home equity
Image by the tartanpodcast
I offered a consultancy session as an auction item recently. It was for a good cause. I didn’t think the winner would contact me (you know how these things sometimes turn out), but lo and behold, within a week they did.

We had our meeting on Monday afternoon and I was impressed by what they’re planning to do and the product they’re developing (NDA was signed, so no further info will be forth coming). It also looks like they’ll be bringing me onto the team going forward, in a consultancy basis.

However, the meeting ended up with me consulting with them. You see, the clients are a retired couple who invested wisely in their business and were able to ‘get out’ in their very early 50s. Both have served in upper executive management positions and they helped form the company the worked for until they sold their equity and retired.

They were really inspirational and gave me some great tips and pointers on what I should be doing to maximise my knowledge and earning potential, while increasing the time I have for the voluntary work I do for my church (I’m part of the Core Leadership Team, among other things). It’s about that work-life balance.

One thing I’m planning on achieving in 2010 is having my own office. I like working from home, but it’s becoming harder and harder as Fergus gets older to get the required space and peace to work efficiently. Another of my clients has a business incubation centre where you can rent furnished, managed offices. I’m looking to do a quid pro quo deal whereby I get an office for no money…That would tide me over for a few months until another of my clients moves into their new premises, whereby I’ll have a space I can use.

Photo taken on my Nikon D40 and tweaked in CameraBag for Mac. Uploaded with Flickr Uploader.

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