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A seashell hermit crab after the sunshine, as you’re watching water therefore the sky….sun is finished, additionally the seashell hermit crab is wathing it not even close to its residence

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-3)- Permitted usage: My images may be used at no cost both for private and commercial usage under permit CC-BY-2.0 in change of reporting my credits in a questionnaire eg "image copyrights Moyan Brenn", plus in modification of respecting this copyright laws statement. Otherwise, If my credits is not reported, a request for a full unique license must certanly be firstly delivered me personally.
-4)- Violation of my copyright: The violation of my copyright laws rules constitutes a crucial copyrights violation that could be legally pursued with a request of reimbursement.
-5)- exclusive residential property decline of obligation: please be encouraged that a few of my pictures could include some personal property, such as structures or monuments that could be under the copyright of their proprietors. In this good sense, the permits provided on point 3), cannot currently include in any instance the authorization for the homeowners, especially in instance of commercial use of my photos. For that reason, before any utilization of such photos, its responsibility of final individual to firstly ask for this permission directly to the properties proprietors. Within feeling, We decline any responsibility derived from the poor or illegal use of my photos containing exclusive property.

-6)- basic drop of responsibility: please be recommended that nevertheless I decline any obligation for almost any feasible effect derived from the improper or illegal usage of my pictures.

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