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Most Recent Credit File News

The Remnant (Main)
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Picture by (vhmh)
Log May 14, 2999, Keith Holland reporting:

All of us woke as much as bombs that early morning on that terrible day…..We had heard about the war zones using mutants, but we’d never ever thought they might attain ny now labeled as Colony 13. We were therefore incorrect…..After scrambling for many my required gear we lay out for key underground bunker complex under the today, wrecked NYU pupil center. Along the way I tried my better to save your self as many individuals as I could, but i possibly could just save 4 that time…..We are actually enduring in the bunker while wanting to save your self as many individuals once we can, waiting around for the war to finish…..

We have been The Remnant….

A great level of credit with this goes to my pal Mike Rutherford. He assisted me considerably which will make this as effective as it could be with harsh critique and exemplary advice!

Additionally plenty of motivation originated from Keith Goldman.


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