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credit bureaus
Image by PhotosNormandie
Supply: The Allison Assortment Of World War II Photographs.

Picture 77.09.4267.a-b.
Nyc Bureau. SINKERS FOR THE JAVA.LA HAYE DU PUITS, FRANCE — With a sly grin on their face and a twinkle inside the attention, Pvt. Paul Taylor, Springfield, Mo., Division Artillery H.Q. mess prepare, pauses on the way with a surprise the ever-hungry Yank forces inside the unit. His strange talent with a few easy ingredients has created two beautiful platters of raised doughnuts, in accordance with a little java, the kids have actually a fantastic treat available for all of them. Credit (ACME) (WP).Date: 7-15-44
Diverses BEIGNETS POUR Los Angeles JAVA. Los Angeles HAYE DU PUITS, FRANCE – Avec un sourire narquois sur son visage et une étincelle dans les yeux, le Pvt. Paul Taylor, Springfield, Missouri, cuisinier au mess du QG de l’artillerie divisionnaire pose avec une shock pour les causes américaines de sa unit toujours affamées. Son talent particulier avec quelques simples ingrédients a produit 2 beaux plateaux de beignets. Date le 15 juillet 1944.

Clarke County
credit agencies
Image by Mississippi Division of Archives and Record
Range: Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Range
Phone number: PI/2010.0002/Series II
System ID: 107921.
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Clarke County.

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Scanned as TIFF in 2011/10/27 by MDAH.

Credit: Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and record

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