Seaton Carew Lifeboat and Crew

Seaton Carew Lifeboat and Crew

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Seaton Carew Lifeboat and Crew
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Image by Museum of Hartlepool
This is certainly an image associated with the lifeboat and staff of Seaton Carew.

Photograph Range No : 2517

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Wadi As-Sirhan Basin, Saudi Arabia (NASA, Global Space Station, 02/21/12)
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Image by NASA’s Marshall Area Flight Center
Agricultural industries when you look at the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin in Saudi Arabia are featured inside picture photographed by an Expedition 30 team member from the International Space Station. Northern Saudi Arabia hosts probably the most substantial sand and gravel deserts in the world, but modern-day agricultural technology changed the facial skin of a few of them. This photo provides the nearly unique image of plentiful green areas in the midst of a barren desert — specifically the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin of northwestern Saudi Arabia. As recently as 1986 there clearly was little to no agricultural activity in the area, but across subsequent 26 many years farming fields have now been steadily developed, largely as a result of investment of oil industry incomes because of the Saudi federal government. The areas make use of liquid pumped from subsurface aquifers and is distributed in rotation about a center point within a circular industry — a method referred to as center-pivot agriculture. This system affords certain benefits relative to more conventional surface irrigation such as for instance much better control over water use and application of fertilizers. Employing this alleged "precision agriculture" is especially important in areas subject to large evaporative water loss; by much better controlling the quantity and time of water application, evaporative losings could be minimized. Plants cultivated in the area consist of fresh fruits, veggies, and grain. For a feeling of scale, agricultural industries in active use (dark green) and fallow (brown to tan), tend to be more or less one kilometer in diameter. While a lot of the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin shown listed here is sandy (light tan to brown surfaces) and relatively level, low hills and rugged outcrops (dark-gray) of underlying sedimentary rocks tend to be noticeable at remaining and right.

Image credit: NASA

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Flower in High Desert
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Image by cobalt123
FLICKR TOUR 20: Damages and Renewals

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All the photos are extracted from two units within my picture flow: Wupatki Ruins and Wukoki Ruins, near Sunset Crater in northern Arizona.

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Anybody determine this plant? This is taken with might work digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare 3.2 MP, and a shock in my experience how good it performed in the rapidly-advancing sunset into the wilderness. The colors are while they were in my opinion, even!

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