Nice Customer Lending photos

Nice Customer Lending photos

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Bank of The united states – restore the Economy 4-28-09 (26)
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Image by seiuhealthcare775nw
Photo Credit: Neil Parekh / SEIU Healthcare 775NW

Seattle Taxpayers Demonstrate at Bank of America included in Continued Nationwide activities to restore the economic climate

“Taxpayer Proxy” Action Needs Bank Fire CEO Ken Lewis,

Commit to Intense Banking Reform, Voice for Workers

Seattle (April 28, 2009) – Taxpayers, working families and SEIU members joined collectively in Seattle today plus than 100 other metropolitan areas across the nation right now to take action outside Bank of America branches and gather and deliver “Taxpayer Proxies” demanding the bank fire CEO Ken Lewis and commit to monetary reform that puts customers and employees ahead of earnings.

The taxpayer activities took place in the eve of Bank of America’s yearly shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC. After accepting billion in bailout resources, taxpayers as well as the federal government would be the largest investors of Bank of America, and taxpayers in Seattle tend to be demanding that their voices be heard.

On April 29th a delegation of neighborhood and nationwide frontrunners will provide the “Taxpayer Proxy” demands into the Bank of America shareholder conference contacting it to: fire CEO Ken Lewis; assistance strong financial reform; eradicate predatory financing practices and unreasonable fees; offer the worker complimentary preference Act to ensure employees have a voice to speak completely for consumers and improve working conditions; and offer inexpensive medical to bank employees so they really are not obligated to count on tax-payer funded general public health programs.

“Taxpayers didn’t cause this financial crisis—but we pretty sure tend to be paying the purchase price," stated SanJerra Collins, a caregiver from Tacoma and person in SEIU Healthcare 775NW. “For years, banking institutions have built a small business model around pushing dangerous items and burying clients much more and more financial obligation. It’s time for financial institutions to end these predatory practices and create a method that is about assisting men and women, maybe not exploiting people.”

Over the past couple of years, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis has received .8 million in settlement, although the median wage for a teller at Bank of America hovers across the national poverty range for a family group of four.

Despite receiving billion in federal taxpayer bailout funds since last fall, Bank of America features launched plans to lay off 30,000 to 35,000 employees and passed out .2 million in business incentives. Bank of America may have used the amount of money they paid out in incentives to offer every one of its bank tellers approximately 1,000 raise—nearly seven times their median income.

The financial institution additionally continues to make taxpayers get the loss for approximately million a year in staff member healthcare costs because many Bank of America employees cannot pay the business’s health insurance and must rely on community health care programs. This expenses Washington state taxpayers 9,000 annually.

A year ago, Bank of The united states accumulated .3 billion in bank fees, nearly 30 percent greater than either of the two biggest competitors. As well as after using bailout money Bank of America goes on working up charge card rates of interest on customers even when they’ve made every repayment punctually. The bank arbitrarily hiked interest levels on one million play-by-the-rules, pay-on-time consumers in 2007 alone.

In 2008, Bank of The united states invested more than million on lobbying and opposed bills such as the Employee totally free Selection Act, the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights plus the Foreclosure protection Act which will straight benefit the economy and consumers.

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SEIU Locals in Washington State

SEIU town 6 – representing 3,500 janitors and safety protections

SEIU regional 49 – representing 1,200 health care workers in SW Washington

SEIU Healthcare 775NW – representing 35,000 long-term care employees

SEIU 925 – representing 23,000 education and child care employees

SEIU medical 1199NW – representing 22,000 nurses and medical workers

SEIU regional 1948 – representing 27,000 college staff members

Image from web page 485 of “Canadian grocer January-March 1918” (1918)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: cangrocerjanmar1918toro
Title: Canadian grocer January-March 1918
12 Months: 1918 (1910s)
Topics: Supermarkets Grocery trade Food industry and trade
Publisher: Toronto : Maclean-Hunter Pub. Co. [1887]-
Contributing Collection: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
[■xmaoodcicia Q This voucher will H □ connect the ■| Checkerboard Calf Club £ Si With journey nhipit. nf incrpaaincr tVio Aliioe «— ■ D ■D■ ■ ■ y ■ D ■P ■ y D ■GHDHnHDHDHDBDanaEnDBn with all the item of increasing the Alliesmeat supplies this club offers valu-able prizes to girls and boys in ruralcommunities to get the best calf fed on Purina Calf Chow the fantastic calf-raising food.Our company is telling the general public concerning the clubthrough forceful consumer advertisingand good grocers everywhere are cash-ing in from the increasing need forPurina. You are able to do the same. Sign,clip and post this couponnow. Lively attempting to sell andgood earnings willresult S y S y THE CHISHOLMMILLING CO. LimitedTORONTO y y xy ^ y y .-vc y ** & & JF ^>6 4* ■& sN D■ ■ ■D■ ■D■ ■D■□■D 18 CANADIAN GROCER February 38, 1918.

Text Appearing After Image:
OXFORD cLlIE Show Keens within displays—keepit where in actuality the homemaker will dsicover it. She knows Keens and simply needs tobe reminded you are selling it. Magor, Son and organization, restricted 191 St. Paul St. western, MONTREAL 30 Church Street, TORONTO AGENTS WHEN IT COMES TO DOMINION OF CANADA Keens Oxford Blue is definitely aseller and every sale provides you with agood margin. Keep well stocked. CATCH LENT SALTED LAKE HERRING Headless and Dressed60 fish to a pail, .85 30 seafood to a pail, .10 BILL FISH Headless and Dressed, 20 lb pails, .40 EXCLUSIVELY SET UP IN FAMILY SIZENO SPEND NO HANDLING additionally full distinct Frozen, Salted and Smoked Sea and Lake Fish J. BOWMAN & CO. WHOLESALE 66 JARVIS ST. TORONTO, ONT. Canadian Grocer Vol. XXXII. TORONTO, FEBRUARY 22, 1918 number 8 Consumers Assn. inside Limelight A Merchandizing Activity That Has Attracted Considerable Notice Receives SomeAttention from Government—Some Discussion as to the types of Operation of This Concern Toronto, Feb. 20. (Unique)—Th

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Biggest ship to ask JAXPORT finds TraPac Jacksonville
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Image by JAXPORT
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Jan. 6, 2015) – These days JAXPORT’s TraPac Container Terminal at Dames aim welcomed the biggest vessel to ever before ask Jacksonville’s seaport. The 8,100 TEU (bins) MOL Competence journeyed from Southeast Asia through the Suez Canal and called on various other U.S. East Coast ports before coming to TraPac.

The Competence is more than 1,000 foot long and also at a breadth of 150 foot, it’s too big to match through the present Panama Canal locks. TraPac Jacksonville vice-president and General Manager Dennis Kelly claims the Competence as well as other post-Panamax sized vessels askin Jacksonville within a frequent rotation through Suez Canal illustrate the port’s strategic advantages of accommodating the more expensive ships contacting the U.S. East Coast.

“when you yourself have an interface, such JAXPORT, this is certainly situated therefore near to plenty consumers, distribution facilities and retailers, the past mile is more affordable and easier, also.” Kelly stated. “It lends it self to a more appropriate, efficient and dependable supply sequence.”

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