Linens-n-Things Rip-Off

Linens-n-Things Rip-Off

A few great customer fraudulence images I found:

Linens-n-Things Rip-Off
customer fraudulence
Image by ATIS547
close-up of advertising.

UPDATE: Reaction from Linens-N-Things:
With respect to Linens ‘n Things, i am sorry for any behavior you found unprofessional or miscommunication you’ve probably experienced. But our supervisors are very well versed in our advertisements therefore the interpretations of these. Again, I apologize for any trouble. Sincerely,
Jody Mege’

I would answer Jody that concern isn’t convenience, it’s fraud. Deceptive advertising is not "inconvenient," it’s immoral and illegal.

This seems like fraud: At 4:30pm February 17, 2008, in Rohnert Park, CA, the Linens-n-Things manager — "Max" — claimed in the check out the 50percent off deal couldn’t connect with my "Shower "Curtain / Liner" considering that the "Shower Essentials" regarded when you look at the advertising in addition to store signs was the BRAND "Shower Essentials," and not only any bath crucial. Max accompanied myself back into the bath section, and ended up being obligated to concur that there were no "Shower Essentials" branded items into the shop. Since the marketing and advertising circular pictured here guarantees that we could "Choose from over 100 types," it absolutely was clear even to Max the provide had not been so limited.

Then Max changed their story, and said that the 50% discount will be readily available just for a "shower curtain liner" which was the actual text in the shop indication, or, if you like the marketing and advertising circular pictured here, that your cashiers consulted, a "Liner." My item had been known as, as you care able to see above, a "Shower Curtain / Liner".

I inquired maximum if he truthfully intended that my "Shower Curtain / Liner" was not a "Shower Curtain Liner"? He stated you got that right. Thus I pointed to the next shelf up, which had the same item labeled as a "Shower Curtain or Liner" — had been that, too, omitted from provide for "Shower Curtain Liners"? Max verified the rebate cannot connect with that item. Both "Shower Curtain / Liner" additionally the "Shower Curtain or Liner" were virtually within inches for the sign providing a price reduction on "Shower Curtain Liners."

Max wouldn’t I would ike to just take an image associated with the indications and services and products in juxtaposition. In fact, he threatened to truly have the authorities escort me out of the shop basically took an image. Thus I asked whether maximum would sign a declaration asserting his place that I happened to be ineligible for the guaranteed rebate because a "Shower Curtain / Liner" isn’t a "Shower Curtain Liner" or a "Liner." Max declined. I asked maximum if he would let me know their last title. Max declined.

Well, you can observe from store receipt pictured here that Max and Linens and Things got the whole .99 out of my wallet, and kept on their own the rebate guaranteed because of the ad as well as the shop indication. Guess what happens’s actually unusual? Strange that shop manager would simply take a person towards mat over , and stranger still to get it done in clear breach associated with the law. But strangest of? I also asked at the sign-up whether or not the 20percent rebate had been readily available — it’s pictured within the flyer above, just to the left regarding the 50% provide. It states, "SAVE 20% — whole inventory steel Bath Acessries & Shower Curtains." Nope, stated the cashier, that 20percent rebate actually available to you — it is just for shower curtains, and what you have is a liner.

What are the odds that my "Shower Curtain / Liner" would-be neither a "Curtain" nor a "Liner"??? odd but real. Therefore, just what do we have here?
A) Worst customer support previously?
B) Worst in-store knowledge ever before?
C) Fraud?
D) Theft?
E) Violation of California Deceptive Trade Methods Act?
F) the above.

It is generally speaking unlawful to help make untrue or inaccurate statements of fact regarding the known reasons for, existence of, or levels of cost reductions.

It seems detrimental to Linens-n-Things, as well as for maximum. We at the least two matters against each. Here’s what Ca Business and Professions Code says, and I also quote:

"17508. (a) It shall be illegal for any person working in California and marketing and advertising to customers in California to produce any untrue or deceptive advertising claim…"

"17500. It really is unlawful…to… disseminate…any advertising unit… which can be untrue or inaccurate, and for any person…to so make…any these types of statement as an element of an agenda or scheme because of the intention never to sell that personal property…so promoted at price reported…. Any violation associated with provisions for this part is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment inside county prison not surpassing 6 months, or by a superb perhaps not exceeding two thousand five-hundred dollars (,500), or by both that imprisonment and good."

"§ 17507. It really is unlawful…if any cost established in (an advertisement) will not obviously and conspicuously identify this article of product or variety of solution to which it relates."

Full text of the flyer pictured above:
"buy one, get one 50% down. Whole Stock Shower Essentials, reg. .99-69.99. Pick from over 100 varieties of:
* Liners
* Rods
* Tub Mats
* Suction
* Rings
* Shower Caddies"

"Save 20percent Entire inventory Metal Bath Accessorites & Shower Curtains"

The Larger Cons
consumer fraud
Image by Aranami
A Freedom of Speech Poster
Discover the ways on most money grubbing male "apes", multiracial

– Conflicts – Induced Revolutions – Confiscations – Colonizations – Stock-Market Leeching – Slavery
They’re to aid the buyer into the proper perception of the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Nationalizations – Goods-laundries – Puppets – Assassins – Spies – Infiltrators
They are to aid the consumer in appropriate perception regarding the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Poisons – Wire Fraud – Money Forging – Race Correcting – Fake Convictions – Enemy-Police
They are to help the customer when you look at the proper perception for the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Psychosurgery – Scam Churches – Excuses – Pomp – Cover-Lies – half-Truths
They are to assist the customer when you look at the appropriate perception associated with conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.


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EU Health Commissioner Welcomed to NI
consumer fraud
Image by DUP Pictures
Diane Dodds MEP features welcomed the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs Mr Tonio Borg to Northern Ireland recently to witness firsthand the excellent work being carried out in neuro-scientific health innovation.
Commenting on go to Mrs Dodds stated: “I am pleased your Commissioner has acknowledged our invite to check out the Province. Northern Ireland plays a substantial role in forward-looking initiatives, such as for example eHealth development in addition to European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy the aging process.
As a key note speaker at an associated Health celebration that I hosted into the European Parliament, the Commissioner observed exceptional samples of exactly how our overall health service is utilizing modern-day, innovative technology to provide a significantly better service to clients across Northern Ireland. This solution has got the possible to change the eHealth landscape across the rest of European countries.
Through Commissioner going to the Province, Northern Ireland is being placed solidly in the European spotlight in terms of health insurance and research innovation.
The European Commission’s suggestion for the next framework programme for analysis, Horizon 2020, has actually a standard spending plan of 80 billion Euro, of which 9 billion is focused on health research alone.
Therefore, it is crucial that we reveal the others of Europe that individuals have reached the leading edge of development, eHealth and study being draw down a portion of the resources. This would show to be a massive boost for Northern Ireland especially in today’s economic climate.

In light of the recent horsemeat scandal, We have in addition taken the opportunity to talk about the dilemma of meals protection and labelling utilizing the Commissioner. It is essential the public is reassured that major produce is safe which confidence within the food offer string is reconstructed.

In reaction into the crisis, the European Commission has suggested a rise in unannounced assessments for food companies and harder fines for labelling fraudulence. We must make sure that any additional red tape will not negatively impact on farmers in Northern Ireland and across European Countries who are not the reason for this dilemma.”

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