Understanding Your Consumer Credit Report Is Crucial

Understanding Your Consumer Credit Report Is Crucial

Your consumer credit report follows you through all the different walks in your life. A lot of people are interested in their credit reports after the significant downfall of our present day economy. People are adamantly trying by any means to increase their score so they can purchase many different things that they may stand in need of.

Presently there are three different agencies that you can obtain this crucial report from, they are Transunion, Equifax and Experian. But, many consumers will not be able to obtain their report from Experian as easily as they were able to do before. Experian is no longer one of the three, consumer reports it is now known as its own loan ranger in the credit scheme.

Many people can obtain an Experian credit report; however there are different stipulations that you have to take in order to obtain this score as opposed to your Equifax and Transunion score. So, what exactly does your consumer credit score say about?

Every time that you make an important purchase where you are not paying for something with cash, and even in some accounts when you do this score is pulled. You can expect to see this score pulled in situations where you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, or you are looking to buy a home.

It is imperative to know what’s on your consumer credit report, so you do not face any ailments when you are trying to purchase things to make your life substantially easier. Your credit score actually begins being kept in many respects when you reach the age of 18. However, some people have had a score tallying up for them at a younger age.

Your score is actually configured utilizing a specific pie chart that is split into different sections. All of the parts equal out to 100%. Being able to properly interpret this chart will allow you to gain a better understanding of how the consumer report is analyzed.

Thirty five percent of the chart is all a basis off of your payment history. Everything that you pay is signified in this space. The next biggest amount is for 30% and it is the amount that you still owe toward your debts. 15% makes up the length of time that you have had credit; companies do look for this attribute when they are considering approving you. 10% is for new credit, and the remaining 10% is what type of credit it used.

It is imperative to know what factors are evaluated when your consumer credit report is being analyzed, now you know all of the secrets on how the companies arrive at a final score that consists of three consecutive numbers.

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