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A Clockwork Orange (1971) Stanley Kubrick, filming locations
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A Clockwork Orange (1971) Stanley Kubrick, filming locations

In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society’s crime problem – but not all goes according to plan.

Director: Stanley Kubrick.
Writers: Stanley Kubrick (screenplay), Anthony Burgess (novel)
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates.

Set vaguely in the north of England, judging by the accents, A Clockwork Orange was made almost entirely on location around London and the Home Counties (the southeastern counties surrounding the capital), with notoriously travel-phobic director Stanley Kubrick choosing locations from architectural guides.

For many years, Kubrick’s refusal to allow the film to be shown in the UK gave his blackly comic version of Anthony Burgess’ novel about free will and control an undeserved reputation as a fearsome video nasty.

Virtually the only purpose-built set, the ‘Korova Milk Bar’, was constructed in a factory just off Borehamwood High Street near to the MGM Studios (where 2001: A Space Odyssey had been shot).

The grim housing estate of Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is part of the unspeakable concrete disaster that is Thamesmead South, a vast, dismal, windswept collection of tower blocks connected by intimidating walkways. The exterior of his glum home is the Tavy Bridge Centre.

The benighted subway, where the Droogs attack the old tramp, can be found over in West London. It’s a tough call – choosing between the four near-identical subways leading down beneath the traffic island dominated by the huge circular advertising installation on Trinity Road, Wandsworth, deserted, unswept and extremely unnerving. I’m finally convinced that it’s the southern underpass, between Trinity Road and Swandon Way.

The ‘Flat Block Marina’ is Thamesmead’s artificially created Southmere Lake. Alex reasserts his dominance over fellow Droogs here by dumping Dim in the water and slicing his outstretched hand at Binsey Walk on the Lake’s western shore overlooked by the tower blocks of Yarnton Way.

More futuristic cityscapes (subsequently cut from the film) filmed in the sixties concrete shopping centre of Friar’s Square in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Another urban disaster, the centre was closed down in 1990 and drastically remodelled as a much more friendly redbrick indoor mall.

The derelict casino in which the two gangs clash was on Taggs Island near Hampton Court. It was demolished shortly after filming.

The interior of Alex’s apartment in ‘Municipal Flat Block 18A, Linear North’ is a flat in the village of Elstree – not far from the Borehamwood location. Kubrick, ever the perfectionist, moved out the couple who lived here and spent £5,000 on redecoration. With filming over and the flat restored to its original state, they returned only to be moved out again so two close-ups could be shot.

‘Woodmere Health Farm’, home of Miss Weathers, the cat lady (Miriam Karlin), is Shenley Lodge, Rectory Lane, Shenley, in the Hertfordshire countryside.

Also in Hertfordshire is the interior used for ‘Home’, Patrick Magee’s futuristic pad and site of the notorious ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ rape of Adrienne Corri (when the two met in Hollywood, Gene Kelly allegedly snubbed Kubrick for the use of this number in the scene), why is Skybreak, tucked invisibly away in the tiny village of Warren Radlett, Hertfordshire. The exterior was a modernistic house in Oxfordshire.

Fast sex to fast food: the très Sixties chrome and glass Chelsea Drugstore, which stood on the Kings Road at the northwest corner of Royal Avenue, became record shop, where Alex picks up two girls for a spot of high speed ‘in and out’. The shop closed in the Seventies and is now a branch of McDonalds.

The bizarre ‘Duke of New York’ pub was the Old Leather Bottle, 76 Stonegrove, Edgware. It became The Bottle and Dragon, before being closed down in October 2002 and converted into flats.

The ‘Ludovico Medical Facility’, where Alex undergoes the gross aversion therapy, is the campus of Brunel University in Uxbridge, Greater London. The giant overhanging concrete monstrosity is the Lecture Centre in the middle of campus, opposite which Alex is received into the Art Centre. The campus is on Kingston Lane off Hillingdon Hill about a mile south of Uxbridge (tube: Uxbridge).

The newly defenceless Alex meets an earlier victim on the Chelsea Embankment at Oakley Street, Chelsea, SW3, and it’s here, under Albert Bridge that the tramps take their revenge.

A Clockwork Orange 1971 ( FILMING LOCATION ) Stanley Kubrick…

Film Facts

The snake, Basil, was introduced into the film by Stanley Kubrick when he found out Malcolm McDowell had a fear of reptiles.

Stanley Kubrick had his assistant destroy all unused footage.

According to Malcolm McDowell (on the commentary track from the 2007 DVD release), the sped-up sex scene was originally filmed as an unbroken take lasting 28 minutes.

When Malcolm McDowell met Gene Kelly at a party several years later, the older star turned and walked away in disgust. Kelly was deeply upset about the way his signature from Singin’ in the Rain (1952) had been portrayed in A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Stanley Kubrick’s first cut (before hiring several assistant editors) ran almost four hours.

Alex performing "Singing in the Rain" as he attacks the writer and his wife was not scripted. Stanley Kubrick spent four days experimenting with this scene, finding it too conventional. Eventually he approached Malcolm McDowell and asked him if he could dance. They tried the scene again, this time with McDowell dancing and singing the only song he could remember. Kubrick was so amused that he swiftly bought the rights to "Singing in the Rain" for ,000.

The doctor standing over Alex as he is being forced to watch violent films was a real doctor, ensuring that Malcolm McDowell’s eyes didn’t dry up.

Malcolm McDowell’s eyes were anesthetized for the torture scenes so that he would film for periods of time without too much discomfort. Nevertheless his corneas got repeatedly scratched by the metal lid locks.

Before filming the scene where he had to carry Patrick Magee’s wheelchair up the stairs, professional bodybuilder David Prowse went up to Stanley Kubrick and asked if he could make sure that (due to the difficulty of the task) he got the scene in as few takes as possible, saying, "You’re not exactly known as ‘one-take-Kubrick’, are you?" The rest of the crew was horrified at such a famous director being talked to like this, but Kubrick just laughed and promised to do his best. The scene was filmed in only three takes, an incredibly small amount for a perfectionist like Kubrick. Even so, Prowse was near exhaustion after the repeated takes of him carrying Frank and his wheelchair down the stairs.

During the filming of the Ludovico scene, star Malcolm McDowell scratched one of his corneas and was temporarily blinded. He suffered cracked ribs during filming of the humiliation stage show.

Although he is playing a 15-year-old (17 in the latter half), Malcolm McDowell was actually 27 at the time of filming.

In the scene after Alex talks with the priest about Ludovico therapy, we see the prisoners marching in a circle around the exercise yard, recreating an 1890 painting by Vincent van Gogh, "Prisoners Exercising (after Gustave Doré)."

Before the rape scene was filmed, Adrienne Corri walked up to Malcolm McDowell and said, "Well, Malcolm, today you’re going to find out I’m a real redhead".

The final scene was done after 74 takes.

In the police station scene when Mr Deltoid (Aubrey Morris) spits in Alex’s face, it is actually Steven Berkoff doing the spitting. After several takes, Morris complained to Stanley Kubrick that he had run out of saliva, and Berkoff volunteered his services until Kubrick’s cameras captured the perfect ‘spit-shot’.

The first movie to make use of Dolby sound, it used Dolby noise reduction on all pre-mixes and masters, but a conventional optical sound track on release prints.

Contrary to popular claims, this was never banned in the UK. It originally received an "X" rating in 1971 and was withdrawn from distribution in 1973 by Stanley Kubrick himself. One of Kubrick’s reasons for withdrawing the movie in the UK was that, according to his wife Christiane Kubrick, he and his family received several death threats because of the film. In the 1980s and 1990s, British fans who wanted to see this movie would have to order it from video stores in other countries, usually France. In 1993 London’s popular Scala Film Club showed this movie without permission. At Kubrick’s insistence, Warner Brothers sued and won, causing the Scala to close in near bankruptcy. In 2000, the year after Kubrick’s death, the film was released again throughout Great Britain and received an "18" rating.

Anthony Burgess was raised a strict Roman Catholic and originally wrote his novel as a parable about Christian free will and forgiveness. His take on it was that to be a true Christian, one had to forgive the most horrifying of acts, something Burgess knew only too well, having seen his wife be assaulted and beaten by soldiers during World War II. This attack resulted in a miscarriage and a lifetime of gynecological troubles for his wife.

Malcolm McDowell chose to play Alex speaking in his normal Northern English accent instead of a Cockney accent. McDowell felt his softer accent would strike an interesting contrast with Alex’s menacing personality and also help him stand out amongst his friends.

The two copycat crimes that prompted Stanley Kubrick to have the film withdrawn in the United Kingdom were the rape of a Dutch girl in Lancashire in 1973 at the hands of men singing "Singin’ in the Rain" and the beating of a 16 year old boy who had beaten a younger child whilst wearing Alex’s uniform of white overalls, a black bowler hat and combat boots.

The Korova milk bar at the start was the only set built for the film.

The doorbell at the Alexander residence, "Home," plays the first four notes of Ludwig van Beethoven’s "Fifth Symphony" (but in a different key).

It is often claimed that Malcolm McDowell nearly drowned when his breathing apparatus failed during filming of the waterboarding scene. This is not true. Daily records indicate that the scene was filmed in repeated takes with no stoppage from equipment failure. McDowell has never reported a near drowning, while he does report many similar close calls in other scenes.

The language spoken by Alex and his droogs is author Anthony Burgess’s invention, "Nadsat": a mix of English, Russian and slang. Stanley Kubrick was afraid that they had used too much of it, and that the movie would not be accessible. The original edition of the novel suffered from similar criticisms, and a Nadsat glossary appendix was added to the second and subsequent editions.

The film was unavailable for public viewing in the UK from 1973 until 2000, the year after Stanley Kubrick’s death. British video stores were so inundated with requests for the movie that some took to putting up signs that read: ‘No, we do not have A Clockwork Orange (1971).’

While recording narration, Malcolm McDowell would often feel the need to stretch his legs. So to satisfy McDowell and quite possibly get better narration from him, Stanley Kubrick and McDowell would play table tennis (a sport featured in Kubrick’s own Lolita (1962)), and although they played many games, Kubrick never beat a rather skilled McDowell at table tennis. McDowell was later irritated to find that his salary had been docked for the hours spent playing the game. McDowell often kept Kubrick highly amused by his ability to belch on command (as illustrated at various points of the movie). They would play chess as well, and with Kubrick being the excellent chess player he was, McDowell never managed to beat him at Chess, something that was a regular thing with many actors in Kubrick’s films. He would regularly beat George C. Scott at Chess while making Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) , and also Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall on The Shining (1980).

The Car used by Alex and the droogs was the "Adams Probe 16," one of three ever made.

Korova Milk Bar is named after the Russian word for cow. Moloko (written on the wall) means milk. The bar’s sculptures were based on the work of sculptor Allen Jones. Stanley Kubrick had the milk dispensers emptied, washed and refilled every hour, as the milk curdled under the studio lights. A painting on the wall reappears in Kubrick’s The Shining (1980).

This film was shot almost entirely on real locations as opposed to sets and was lit almost entirely with a Lowell Kit, a staple for film students, perhaps as a reaction against the huge apparatus needed for Stanley Kubrick’s previous film, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Anthony Burgess originally sold the movie rights to Mick Jagger for 0 when he needed quick cash. Jagger intended to make it with The Rolling Stones as the droogs, but then re-sold the rights for a much larger amount. Ken Russell was then nominated to direct because his style was considered well-suited for the material. He would have cast Oliver Reed as Alex. Tinto Brass was another possible director. At some point, someone suggested rewriting the droogs to be girls in miniskirts or old-age pensioners. Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons turned down the role of Alex. Stanley Kubrick once said "If Malcolm McDowell hadn’t been available I probably wouldn’t have made the film." Author Anthony Burgess initially distrusted Kubrick as a director, but was happy with the results. He felt the film later made the book, one of his least favorite books he had written, overshadow his other work.

One of the first films to employ radio mikes to record the sound. No post synching was required.

Rated #2 of the 25 most controversial movies of all time by Entertainment Weekly, 16 June 2006. Rated by Premiere as one of "The 25 Most Dangerous Movies." Rated as the #70 Greatest Movie of All Time by the American Film Institute, 2007. Rated #4 out of 10 by the American Film Institute’s "Sci-Fi" list, June 2008.

As he would go on to do in Barry Lyndon (1975) (to Oscar-winning effect), director of photography John Alcott lit most of the film using only natural light.

When Alex is being drowned, there is a barely perceptible micro-cut in which Malcolm McDowell was able to use the oxygen mask that was hidden in the water. The bath was muddied by using Bovril, a beef extract.

Patrick Magee kept asking Malcolm McDowell if Stanley Kubrick was all right with his performance as he felt that he was being far too over the top. Magee said that he "felt like he was taking a dump," so overwrought was his performance. McDowell assured him that this was exactly what Kubrick was after.

The first line of the novel is "What’s it going to be then, eh?" and this line is repeated frequently throughout the book. Another recurring phrase is "dressed in the heighth [sic] of [insert adjective here] fashion," which is how Alex describes every single set of clothes that he or anyone else is wearing. The movie omits all but one occurrence of each phrase. Prison Chaplain Godfrey Quigley is introduced with the line "What’s it going to be, eh?" In the next scene Alex imagines himself as a first-century executioner "dressed in the height of Roman fashion."

Malcolm McDowell is actually urinating in the toilet scene early in the film, when he goes home and prepares for bed. He drank a lot of coffee before filming the shot.

Stanley Kubrick’s first solo screenplay.

Stanley Kubrick handled the advertising campaign, including posters, commercials, the trailer, etc.

According to author Anthony Burgess, the title of the book (and the movie) came from East London slang, deriving from the phrase, "as queer as a clockwork orange." No independent references are known, however, and it is thought that Burgess invented the phrase himself.

Filming the rape scene was so difficult for the actress originally cast in the role. She quit and the part was recast to Adrienne Corri, who was said to have been furious with Stanley Kubrick for the scores of takes he required for this infamous scene, feeling it should have been done swiftly. Malcolm McDowell, however, has stated that Corri was very "game" about the brief but difficult role throughout filming.

One of only two movies rated X on its original release (the other being Midnight Cowboy (1969)) to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Unusually for a film of this period, all the credits are at the end.

The film was released just over a year after principal photography began, the fastest film shot, edited and released by Stanley Kubrick.

Of the 11 adaptations that Stanley Kubrick worked on in his career, this is the least modified from its source material.

Alexander, Peter, and Dimitri (which can be shortened to Dim) were common names of Russian kings and princes of the Empire of the Tsars (1462-1917). George (Gyorgi in Russian) was their patron saint.

One of the highest grossing films of 1971.

Because of the limited budget, various techniques had to be used such as dolly shots on wheelchairs, sound recorded live on set, the use of natural light and some scenes in handheld cameras. However, at that time the new camera zoom control was first used in the picture.

When Malcolm McDowell recorded his voiceover material, it was on a simple Nagra tape recorder operated by Stanley Kubrick himself. Unusually, he did not have to dub a single one of his other lines in the film, owing to the director’s use of then-advanced wireless microphones.

Malcolm McDowell found the strange language easy to deal with as he was used to playing William Shakespeare’s plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The futuristic turntable that appeared in the movie is a Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable. ‘Stanley Kubrick’ found this turntable when visiting neighbouring Borehamwood company J.A. Michell Engineering, who made the spacecraft models for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). When shortly after Transcriptors moved to Ireland, J.A. Michell Engineering continued the production of the Hydraulic Reference turntable, as well as other new models. In 2005 Michell Engineering launched the limited-edition ‘Odyssey’ turntable.

Terry Southern recommended the novel to Stanley Kubrick when they were working on the screenplay to Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964).

Stanley Kubrick said in an interview that he considered the Prison Chaplain (Godfrey Quigley) to be the most sympathetic and morally admirable character in the film.

In the music shop scene there is a list of Top Ten music bands up on the wall. One of the bands listed is Heaven 17, which one of the girls mentions to Alex. This name was used by a real band in the 1980s.

After Malcolm McDowell’s cornea was scratched during the filming of the Ludovico treatment scene, he insisted to Stanley Kubrick that the extreme closeup of his eye in lid-locks be postponed until the last day of production.

Fashion designer and publisher of fetish magazine AtomAge John Sutcliffe, with artist Allen Jones, designed some explicit waitresses’ uniforms for the film which were ultimately unused. The sexualised Korova Milkbar sculptures were inspired – but not created – by Jones, who had been asked by Stanley Kubrick to contribute to the film. Jones refused as there would only be a credit, not a fee, for this work.

It is said that Stanley Kubrick made this movie because of the failure of Waterloo (1970). After he completed 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), he had planned to film a movie about Napoléon Bonaparte’s life. After many years of research, he sent location scouts to various Eastern European locations, and even had an agreement with the Yugoslav army to supply troops for the vast battle scenes. However, after "Waterloo" tanked, Kubrick’s financial backers pulled out. He thus decided to adapt the American version of "Clockwork", which had been given to him by Terry Southern (co-writer of Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)).

The title was translated into Serbo-Croatian as "The Orange From Hell" ("Paklena Naranca" – Croatian, "Paklena Pomorandza" – Serbian). This comes from the term for clockwork bombs – "Paklena Masina" – "Machine from hell." The Italian title was Arancia Meccanica, and the French title was Une orange mecanique. Anthony Burgess felt that these translations were misleading as they suggested a hand grenade, whereas his title meant a natural creature transformed into a machine.

Stanley Kubrick asked Pink Floyd if he could use their "Atom Heart Mother Suite" in the soundtrack. However, because Kubrick wanted unlimited license to determine what portions or edits of the song he used, the band turned him down. When Alex is in the record store, we can see the soundtrack of Kubrick’s own movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) on a lower shelf with "Atom Heart Mother" above it (look for the cow in the field). Other records visible in the shop are Tim Buckley’s "Lorca" (1970), on the Island shelf when Alex enters the shop. "Atom Heart Mother" is visible on this shelf as well as behind the counter. Also on this shelf is Rare Bird’s "As Your Mind Flies By." Two records to the left of the "2001" in front of the counter is Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s "Deja Vu" (1970). To the right of "2001" is "The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death" by John Fahey. Between The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Atom Heart Mother" on the wall behind the counter is Neil Young’s "After The Goldrush" (1970). The first Chicago album "The Chicago Transit Authority" (1969) can also be seen. The blonde girl with the lollipop can be seen looking at a Mungo Jerry album, "In the Summertime" (1970).

Billy Russell was cast as the Librarian (Crystallography expert), but became ill in January 1971 during production. He died in December of the same year. This character was removed from the film, with some of his lines transferred to the Tramp (Paul Farrell).

Wendy Carlos’s (born Walter) synthesized score features the first ever use of a vocoder. The two pieces featuring Carlos’s custom-built vocoder, "Timesteps" (an original composition, heard during the Ludovico sequence) and Beethoven’s "Ode To Joy" from his Ninth Symphony (heard in the record shop) were recorded long before the film was made. The vocoder, according to Carlos, was a development from an earlier, unsuccessful voice synthesis method she’d used on her 1969 album "The Well-Tempered Synthesizer", and she’d implored synthesizer inventor Robert Moog to come up with something better using standard Moog Synthesizer modules. "Timesteps" and Beethoven’s Ninth were recorded as test/demonstrations of the new device, and she brought them to "A Clockwork Orange" when Kubrick hired her to score the film.

Most of the early scenes were filmed on the then under construction Thamesmead New Town project in South East London, Stage One. The flat used in the scene was the show home for the first block completed. Viewers will notice the area around the lake and beyond was under construction at the time and had two more years of building ahead. The scenes on Stage One are still present.

The tape that Alex removes from his stereo in order to play Ludwig van Beethoven bears the name of fictitious artist Goggly Gogol, mentioned later by one of the girls in the music store.

The book’s writer, Anthony Burgess, lived for a time in Malaysia during WWII. After returning to London his wife was assaulted by four American GIs during the blackout, inspiring this story. Burgess claimed that "clockwork orange" was a Cockney phrase, but most philologists agree that he made it up. The Malay word for man is "orang," as in "orangutan" (man of the jungle), and a clockwork orang would be a clockwork man. However, a UK slang expression for a gambling device is a "clockwork fruit" or "fruit machine," due to the depictions on its dials. The anthropomorphic look of a "fruit machine" (thus, its name "one-armed bandit" in the USA for its roughly man-sized shape and "arm" giving it a humanoid appearance) may well have given rise to the term "clockwork orange" in Burgess’ fertile mind as Alex, through conditioning, is turned into a robotic clockwork man, which a fruit machine resembles. Gambling also is a game of chance, and Alex literally is gambling with his soul. Dr. Brodsky tells Alex to take his chance and be free in a fortnight, as long as a vacation in Blackpool, the most popular slot machine resort in Britain.

Malcolm McDowell based aspects of his performance as Alex on the mannerisms and vocal tics of the British comedian Eric Morecambe, particularly during the dinner scene with Patrick Magee and David Prowse.

The first film to use Dolby noise reduction in the mixing of the soundtrack.

In the music shop scene where Alex asks the shopkeeper about an order he’d placed, there is a record cover clearly visible at the front that says 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Stanley Kubrick’s previous film.

Stanley Kubrick was afraid theatre owners would edit the movie. So every week, the reels would be exchanged for a clean, inspected copy.

The large yellow book in the tray on the prison governor’s desk is actually a "Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack."

A year after the film’s release, composer Walter Carlos became Wendy Carlos via a sex-change operation.

First cinema film of Pat Roach, in the non-speaking role of Korova Milkbar bouncer.

The film prominently features a sculpture by Dutch artist Herman Makkink (the phallic-shaped "Rocking Machine") and nine paintings and a sculpture (called "Christ Unlimited") by his brother Cornelis Makkink, all of which had been featured in Tinto Brass’ film Dropout (1970) a year before.

The song "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" by Erika Eigen is heard playing on the radio when Alex returns home after being released. However, the second verse is not the same as that on the soundtrack album.

Both Stanley Kubrick and Malcolm McDowell regretted making this film. Kubrick found out that this film was causing gangs to form in the UK and the US, and even tried to stop the film’s distribution. This caused confusion, because he use to defend the original cut of the film being played in theaters. McDowell saw the film and was so disgusted by the character he created, he swore to never do anything like his character in this film again.

In the book, the girl whom Billy Boy’s gang is raping, as well as Marty and Sonietta (the girls Alex picks up) are described as being approximately 10 years old, and Alex rapes the two girls while they are drunk and drugged. Stanley Kubrick explained that in addition to ruling the scenes too distasteful to film, using adult actors to play the "teenage" gang members would have made Alex seem like a pedophile (rather than also being underage himself).

Despite the controversy, and the unsettling content, this film is on the America’s Film Institution’s list of the 100 greatest movies of all time.

This film is rated #1 in Watch Mojo’s Top 10: Most controversial movies

At the beginning of the rape scene (at around 10 mins), Mrs. Alexander is seated in the infamous Retreat Pod by Roger Dean, best known for his designs for the covers of Yes albums.

Author Anthony Burgess originally wrote the book with only 176 pages. The publisher, William Heinemann told Anthony that 172 pages was too short to make it into a novel. So, Anthony wrote another chapter at the end of the book that’s 24 pages longer. Stanley did not put in the last 24 pages at the end of the movie out of respect.

Anthony Burgess has expressed sorrow and bemusement at A Clockwork Orange being his most famous book. This is because he wanted the book to do well due to its own merit as opposed to the film.

Malcolm McDowell claimed that for the scene in which Mr. Deltoid spits on Alex, Aubrey Morris eventually protested having to repeat the action of spitting in McDowell’s face over many takes (as usual for Stanley Kubrick’s direction). At that point Steven Berkoff, who was present in the scene, cheerfully volunteered to do the spitting, and it is his take that was used in the film.

Alex’s prison number is 655321 (Six, double five, three, two, one), truncated from the book’s 6655321. The combination to Alex’s bedroom door is 17-34-89. When the Dim and Georgie as police are dragging Alex between them, their numbers are 665 and 667, implying that Alex is 666.

The book never tells us Alex’s last name. He nicknames himself Alexander the Large while raping the music-loving girls. Malcolm McDowell ad libbed the name "DeLarge," a pun on "the Large," in "Scene 15," registry into prison, which is original to Stanley Kubrick and not in the novel. A continuity error occurs when a caption in "Scene 31," hospital, perhaps filmed earlier, gives Alex’s last name as Burgess after Anthony Burgess. His full name is given as Alex Burgess in a number of the newspaper articles seen after his (coerced) suicide attempt.

In adapting the Anthony Burgess, book, minor incidents and characters were omitted or conflated. Some of their dialogue was reassigned to other characters, including a nameless court official’s line "I hope to God it’ll torture you to madness," reassigned to PR Deltoid. Characters not in the film include a librarian harmed by Alex who gets revenge 2 years later, prison friends (including a kindly abortionist who helps fellow prisoners injured in brawls) and prison enemies (including a man who dies of a heart attack after Alex strikes him in self-defense). A more drastic change is a scene of Alex drugging and raping two 10-year-old girls from the record shop, filmed as a consensual encounter with girls his own age. The film omits the 21st chapter of the book, which wasn’t in the US edition. In this, Alex (no longer ‘cured’) has recruited a new gang and continues his mayhem. Later, he runs into Pete, who now has a job and a family. Alex, having grown older and bored with mayhem, chooses to follow suit. He decides it is more challenging and pleasurable to build and create rather than destroy, and that he would like to build a future for himself. Stanley Kubrick only discovered this additional chapter when the screenplay was "virtually finished," and never gave any serious consideration to using it, as he felt it was inconsistent with the style and tone of the rest of the novel. It is often erroneously reported that he was unaware of the final chapter during the making of the film.

In the novel: It was not a hobo who Alex and his droogies beat up, it is a librarian. The revenge sequence for both the hobo and librarian is very similar.

Miss Weathers the cat woman was weak and helpless in the novel. She was made strong and proud in the film so she could hold her own against Alex’ attack, therefore the audience won’t lose all sympathy for him when he kills her. Miss Weathers uses a bust of Ludwig van Beethoven, Alex’s favorite composer, as a weapon against him, but he soon gets the upper hand and clobbers her. To spare us the violence of her demise, Kubrick cuts to a montage of paintings hanging in the same room.

The ending between the film and novel are Vastly different. The theme in the film is dark and evil as Alex goes back to his old ultra violent ways. As in the novel, the movie ending is indeed in it, but it is not the last chapter. The ending leave off Alex genuinely not wanting to be a menace to society and get a wife and live like a good civilian.

Many phallic references: snake crawling between the legs of the woman in the poster, the popsicles held by the girls in the record store, the tip of Alex’s walking stick, the object used by Alex to kill the woman.

When Alex returns home from prison one of the smaller headlines in the newspaper his father is reading says: "Marty Feldman’s Wife Banned."

In the novel, Georgie and Dim don’t beat Alex as police men; the beating is carried out by Dim along with Billy Boy, their former rival gang leader.

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free credit score gov
< img alt=" complimentary credit history gov" src ="" width =" 400"/ > Photo by< a href ="" > Judge Rock Birthed in East St. Louis, IllinoisEast St. Louis, Illinois East St. Louis is a city situated in St. Clair Region, Illinois, USA, directly throughout the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. As of the USA Demographics 2000, the city had an overall population of 31,542, less than half its optimal in 1959 … as the youngest of nine children, Bauer was the son of an AustrianAustrians Austrians are a nation as well as an ethnic team originating from the Austria as well as its historical predecessor states who share an usual Austrian society and also Austrian Kinship and also descent … immigrantImmigration to
the USA American migration refers to the movement of Globe populace to the USA. Immigration has actually been a major source of population development as well as cultural modification throughout much of background of the USA …, a bartenderBartender A bartender offers drinks behind a Bar in a Bar, Pub, tavern, or similar facility. This normally consists of alcoholic beverages of some kind, such as beer, wine, and/or cocktails, as well as soft beverages or various other non-alcoholic beverages … that had earlier lost his leg in a light weight aluminum mill. With little money entering into the house, Bauer was forced to use garments constructed out of old feed sacks, helping shape his hard-nosed strategy to life.( It was said that his care-worn face “resembled a clenched fist”.). Playing baseball as well as basketballBasketball. Basketball is a team sporting activity where 2 teams of five active”players each attempt to score points against one another by
moving a basketball with a 10 feet high hoop under organized policies … at East St. Louis Central Catholic Senior high school, Bauer experienced permanent damages to his nose, triggered by a wayward arm joint from an opponent. Upon graduation in 1941, he was fixing heaters in a beer-bottling plant when his brother Herman, a small league gamer in the Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox. The Chicago White Sox are a Major North American expert sports groups baseball group based in Chicago, Illinois
. The White Sox presently play in the American Organization’s American League Central in Major Organization Baseball … system, was able to get him a tryout that caused an agreement with OshkoshOshkosh, Wisconsin. Oshkosh is a city in Winnebago Region, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, USA, located where the Fox River goes into Lake Winnebago.
The populace was 62,916 at the United States Demographics, 2000; it had an urbane area of 159,972 individuals … of the Class D Wisconsin State LeagueWisconsin State Organization. There was a course D organization called the Wisconsin State Organization which began in 1905. In 1908 it changed its name to the Wisconsin-Illinois League.
One more Wisconsin State Organization began in 1940, shut down for Globe Battle II from 1943 through 1945, then operated from 1946 via 1953… World Battle II- Marine Corps. One month after the attack on Pearl HarborAttack on Pearl Harbor. The assault on Pearl Harbor was a surprise army strike performed

by the Empire of Japan Imperial

Japanese Navy against the United States ‘naval base at Pearl Harbor,
Hawaii, on the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, later causing the United States becoming militarily entailed in The second world war …, Bauer enlisted in the UNITED STATE Marine CorpsUnited States Marine Corps. The United States Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Army responsible for supplying Armed forces power projection from the sea, making use of the wheelchair of the USA Navy to swiftly provide Marine Air-Ground Job Force… While in the South PacificPacific Sea cinema of World War II. The Pacific Ocean movie theater was one of four significant marine theatres of war of The second world war, that pitted pressures of the Empire of Japan versus those of the USA, Republic of Nations, the Dutch East Indies and Free_French_Forces #The _ struggle_for_control_of_French_colonies …, Bauer got malariaMalaria. Jungle fever is a Vector- birthed contagious illness caused by protozoan parasites. It prevails in Tropics and also subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas, Asia, and also Africa …, but recouped sufficient to earn 11 campaign bows, two Bronze StarsBronze Star Medal. The Bronze Star Medal is an Armed force of the USA private Awards and also designs of the United States army which may be awarded for bravery, acts of advantage, or meritorious service … and also a pair of Purple HeartPurple Heart. The Purple Heart is a United States Honors and also decorations of the United States army granted in the name of the President of the USA to those who have been wounded or eliminated while serving on or after April 5, 1917
with the Military of the USA … s in
32 months of combat. His 2nd injury came during the Fight of OkinawaBattle of Okinawa. The Fight of Okinawa, also understood as Operation Iceberg, was fought on the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa Island as well as was the biggest amphibious war in the Pacific Battle of Globe Battle II …,
when he commanded a squadron of 64 males. Only six endured the brutal siege, with shrapnel hitting Bauer in the thigh and also sending him house. After the war -Minors. Going back to East St. Louis, he signed up with the local pipefitter’s union and also dropped in a local bar where his brother Joe
functioned. Danny Menendez, a New York Yankees precursor, authorized him for a tryout with the group’s ranch club in Quincy, IllinoisQuincy, Illinois

. Quincy, Illinois, called the “Treasure City”, is a city on the Mississippi River in Adams Area, Illinois, Illinois, USA. As of the 2000 United States Demographics the city had 40,366 people as well as offers as the area seat of Adams County, Illinois… The terms: 5 a month( a boost if he made the group) and a 0 perk.
Batting.300 at Quincy and also with the “group’s top minors system, the Kansas City BluesKansas City Blues. Kansas City Blues has been the name utilized by a number of sporting activities teams in Kansas City, Missouri: * The Kansas City Blues were a National Football League team played in 1924 as well as
were renamed the Cowboys in 1925 …, Bauer eventually made his debut with the Bronx Bombers in September. Career as gamer, train as well as manager. In a 14-season career, Bauer had a. 277 batting averageBatting average. Batting standard is a statistic in both cricket and baseball measuring the efficiency of batsman and hitter, specifically. The two statistics belong, because baseball standards are straight descended from the idea of cricket averages … with 164 house runHome run.

In baseball, a residence run is scored
when the round is struck as though the batting is able to circle all the bases, finishing at residence plate and also racking up run for himself as well as each baserunning that was currently on base, without error by the protective team on the play … s as well as 703 RBIRun batted in. Run batted in or RBI is a baseball figure made use of in baseball, softball and dartball to credit history a batter when the result of his at-bat causes a run being racked up, except in certain situations such as when a mistake is made on the play … in 1544 gamesGames played. Games played is a statistic made use of in group sports to indicate the complete number of video games in which a gamer has actually gotten involved; the fact is usually used regardless of whatever part of the game is objected to… He won the World SeriesWorld Series. The World Series is the champion series of Big league Baseball, the conclusion of the sport’s playoff each October.
Considering that the Collection takes location in mid-autumn, sportswriters several years ago dubbed the event the Loss Classic, an use shown in the logo for the 2008 Globe Series; it is also often referred to as the October Clas … with the Yankees 7 times as well as holds the World Collection videotape for the lengthiest hitting streakHitting streak. In baseball, a hitting touch describes the consecutive number of official video games where a gamer accesses least one hit.According to the Authorities Baseball Rules, such a touch is ended when a player has at the very least 1 plate appearance and also no hits …, at 17 video games. At the close of the 1959 period, Bauer was dealt to the Kansas City Sports in the trade that brought future residence run king Roger MarisRoger Maris.
Roger Eugene Maris was a United States appropriate fielder in Major League Baseball that is primarily born in mind for breaking Babe Ruth’s single-season crowning achievement document, in 1961 Major Organization Baseball period, a document that would represent 37 years … to the Bronx. This offer is commonly pointed out amongst the worst examples of the Yankees-A’s countless trades throughout the late 1950s, which typically proved to be prejudiced in New york city’s favor. In 1961, the year Maris broke Infant RuthBabe Ruth. George Herman Ruth, Jr., additionally commonly called “Babe”, “The Bambino”, and also “The Sultan of Swat”, was a United States Major League Baseball baseball gamer from– …’s single-season residence run document, Bauer, at 38 years old, was coming to the end of the line. On June 19, he was named playing-manager of the Athletics, as well as he retired from the area a month later. In Bauer’s first job at A’s pilot, via the end of the 1962 period, Kansas City won 107 games and also lost 157 (.405 )and also two times finished ninth “in the ten-team American Organization of the day. After his shooting at”the close of the 1962 project, Bauer invested the 1963 season as first-base coachCoach( baseball). In baseball, a variety of trains aid in the smooth functioning of a group. They are aides to the manager, or head trainer, who identifies the schedule as well as decides the best ways to replace players throughout the game … of the Baltimore Orioles. He rose to supervisor at the end of the season, as the Orioles sought a stronger hand in command of the group
. The action was successful: Baltimore competed boldy for the 1964 American League pennant, ending up 3rd, then– boosted by the procurement of future Hall of Popularity outfielder Frank RobinsonFrank Robinson. Frank Robinson, is a former Major Organization Baseball player. He was an outfielder, most especially with the Cincinnati Reds and also the Baltimore Orioles …– its initial AL pennant and also Globe Series1966 World Collection. The 1966 Globe Collection matched the Baltimore Orioles against the defending champ L.a Dodgers, with the Orioles sweeping the Collection in 4 video games to record the first champion in franchise business background … championship in 1966. But when the Orioles, hindered by an injury to Robinson,
ended up in the second department in 1967 and afterwards fell far behind the ultimate champion Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers are a Big league Baseball
group based in Detroit, Michigan. Among the American Organization’s 8
charter franchises, the club was established in Detroit, Michigan in … in 1968, Bauer was released as manager on July 12, for Earl WeaverEarl Weaver. Earl Sidney Weaver is a previous Big league Baseball manager. He spent his whole supervisory occupation with the Baltimore Orioles, handling the club from 1968 Baltimore Orioles period– 1982 Baltimore Orioles season and 1985 Baltimore Orioles season– 1986 Baltimore Orioles season …, then Baltimore’s first-base instructor. Weaver would certainly create a Hall of Popularity occupation over the next 14 1/2 years as the Orioles’ pilot. Bauer after that returned to Finley and the A’s, currently in OaklandOakland, California
. Oakland, established in 1852, is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of California and also the county seat of Alameda Area, California. Oakland is around 8 miles east of San Francisco and the cities are separated by San Francisco Bay …, for the 1969 campaign. He was discharged for the 2nd and final time by Finley after bringing Oakland house second in the new American Organization West Division. Overall, his regular-season managerial record was 594-544(.522). Bauer handled the Tidewater TidesNorfolk Tides. The Norfolk Tides are a minors baseball team in the Triple-A International Organization.
They dip into Harbor Park in Norfolk, Virginia. Given that 2007 they have actually been a farm team of the Baltimore Orioles; before that, they had a 38-year affiliation with the New york city Mets …, the Triple-An affiliate of the New york city MetsNew York Mets. The New york city Mets are a professional baseball based in Flushing, Queens, New York City, New york city. The Mets are a participant of the National Organization East of Big league Baseball’s National Organization …, in 1971-72. The Tides made the finals of IL Governors’ CupGovernors’ Mug. The Governors’ Mug is the prize granted annually to the champ of the International Organization, one of the 2 current Minor organization baseball #Farm System level Minors baseball of Big league Baseball … playoffs each period, winning the playoff title in the latter campaign. Bauer then hung up his attire, returning house to the Kansas City area, where he looked for the Yankees and the Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals are a Significant Organization Baseball group based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Royals are a participant of the American League Central of Big league Baseball’s American League…
Household life. Bauer transferred to the Kansas City area( Pasture Town, Kansas )in 1949 after having fun with the Blues of 1947 and 1948. While there, he satisfied as well as later wedded Charlene Friede, the club’s office secretary. She died in July 1999. The family’s children, consisting of Hank, Jr. (also an excellent professional athlete as well as a chip off the old block in appearance, attended

St. Ann’s Elementary school in Grassy field Town, and also after that Bishop Miege Senior high school in Shawnee Goal, Kansas. Hank possessed and took care of a liquor shop in Grassy field Village, Kansas for a variety of years after retirement from baseball. Bauer died in his Kansas City area house on February 9, 2007 at the age of 84 from lung cancer.( *).

free credit report gov

free credit report gov

free credit report gov

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A few good totally free credit history gov pictures I found:

free credit score gov
< img alt=" complimentary credit report gov" src="" width=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href= "" > UNITED STATE Army Alaska FT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska– USA Military Alaska held the Non-Commissioned Officer and Soldier of the Quarter Luncheon at Fort Wainwright’s Northern Lighting Chapel, Oct. 22
, 2014. The visitor audio speaker, USARAK Command Sgt. Maj. Terry D. Gardner, recognized those picked as the leading NCO and Soldier of the USARAK pressures at Fort Wainwright for both the Third as well as 4th quarters. With the Stryker brigade’s high training op-tempo, an upcoming National Training Center rotation, and a myriad of other post as well as device activities, the recognition for 2 quarters was integrated right into one ceremony.

” To be sincere, I had not been certain we would certainly obtain this thing going,” Gardner claimed. “Yet when they told me that it was occurring today, I needed to make this journey.”

After giving thanks to everybody for requiring time from their hectic schedules to participate in, he identified distinguished visitors and sponsors from the regional area. Reps of Alaska delegates from regional Fairbanks Workplaces included Tom Moyer, Regional Director for Senator Mark Begich, Althea St. Martin, Unique Aide for Legislator Liza Murkowski, as well as Sydney McIntosh Trainee- Guv’s Office standing for Guv Parnell.

Gardner likewise took a moment to discuss his appreciation to the USA Army Organization, the 9th Army Band and the neighborhood “Jackie Of All Trades” full-service catering.

Attending to the Non-Commissioned Administrations as well as Soldiers of the Third and Fourth Quarter, his theme was on what it implies to be a hero. “In my eyes,” Gardner said, “to be a United States solution participant, and also to be counted amongst the very best in that group, makes you a hero in the truest feeling of that word.”

Asking young leaders to think about exactly what their heritage would be, as “Soldiers in the best army in the history of the globe,” Gardner included: “We acquired an abundant history, as well as we are obliged to carry that onward.”

Designated as the best of the ideal, he provided a telephone call to activity.

” Each of you becomes part of an elite team of heroes that have actually placed service to our nation over self or family. You have actually dedicated on your own to making this world a better, more secure and also much more serene location, now and for future generations,” Gardner stated. “We require you to instill that satisfaction in our soldiers.”

Praising them again for winning such a hard competition, he granted each of the four Soldiers a Military Commendation Medal.

The Non-Commissioned Police officer of Third and 4th Quarter were Sgt. Daniel P. Powell, C Firm, 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Group, 25th Infantry Division, and Sgt. Rhea J. Pettaway, the 539th Transportation Company, the 25th Brigade Assistance Battalion, 1-25th SBCT.

Sgt. Powell, initially from Santa Cruz, California, signed up with the army in 2009. He has actually gotten on active service for five years, as well as he reenlisted ahead to Ft Wainwright. Along with being a Squad Leader, his responsibilities include being a Device Activity Officer, Scout and also Senior citizen Sniper Area Leader. He is currently going after a level in Wild animals Administration from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he holds a 4.0 GPA. His goals include getting promoted to Team Sergeant as well as participating in Ranger Institution, and also he plans to remain on energetic duty until he can relinquish the military.

Sgt. Pettaway, initially from San Fernando, California, signed up with the army in 2007. Her work specialty is Electric motor Transportation Driver, and her first assignment was to Camp Casey, South Korea. She next offered at Fort Hood, Texas, and was released to Kirkuk Iraq as a Security Platform Driver as component of the Quick Reaction Pressure there. After redeploying, she asked for to come to Ft Wainwright, Alaska. She is currently functioning on an online level in Medical care Administration with the College of Monitoring and also Innovation in Arlington, Virginia.

The Soldiers of the Third as well as Fourth Quarter were Pfc. Tyee C. Yucupisio, C Company, 1-24th Infantry Routine, and also lately promoted, Sgt. Jonathan Hunt, C Business 1st Battalion, Fifth Infantry Regiment.

Pfc. Yucupisio was birthed in Coolidge, Arizona. He graduated from high school in 2011 and joined the military in May 2013. This is his first assignment. He holds a position as rifleman and grenadier, as well as he lately received the top scores in his squad on the Military Physical Health and fitness Examination. His strategies consist of obtaining a degree in Computer technology and aspiring to someday become a Sergeant Major

Sgt. Jonathan Search became an NCO October 1, 2014. Initially from Denver Colorado, he signed up with the Army in 2012 as a Foot soldier. Ft Wainwright is his very first task task, where he acts as a Group Leader. His goals consist of remaining in the armed forces and also going to Airborne as well as Ranger School. He prepares on functioning to a level in Offender Justice and also is firing for the rank of Sergeant First Class.

In addition to the Organization of the USA Military, other neighborhood leaders existed to provide tiny symbols of their appreciation in acknowledgment of the exceptional initiatives and also a work well done. Among those participating in was Timothy Jones, representing Doyon Utilities in Fairbanks, that presented each Soldier with a present card as well as an emergency lorry set.

Free AUSA memberships, Certificates of Accomplishment, sphere caps, Leatherman tools, a book of Photographs of Alaska, as well as monetary presents were provided too. These were given by Expense Brophy from the Usibellli Structure, Command Sgt. Maj. Travis D. Votaw, representing the Arctic Sgt. Maj. Association, in addition to other guests from the Area Spouses Club, MAC Federal Lending institution and Style Alaska.

free credit score gov
< img alt=" cost-free debt score gov" src ="" size =" 400"/ > Picture by< a href ="" > U.S. Army Alaska FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska

— USA Army Alaska held the Non-Commissioned Officer and also Soldier of the Quarter Lunch at Fort Wainwright’s Northern Lighting Chapel, Oct. 22, 2014. The guest audio speaker, USARAK Command Sgt. Maj. Terry D. Gardner, recognized those picked as the top NCO and Soldier of the USARAK pressures at Ft Wainwright for both the 3rd as well as Fourth quarters. With the Stryker brigade’s high training op-tempo, an upcoming National Training Facility rotation, and a myriad of various other message and device activities, the acknowledgment for two quarters was combined right into one ceremony.” To be truthful, I wasn’t sure we would certainly obtain this point going,” Gardner claimed.” Yet when they informed me that it was occurring today, I needed to make this trip. “After saying thanks to everyone for requiring time from their active timetables to go to, he acknowledged distinguished visitors as well as enrollers from the neighborhood neighborhood. Reps of Alaska delegates from neighborhood Fairbanks Workplaces included Tom Moyer, Regional Supervisor for Legislator Mark Begich, Althea St. Martin, Unique Aide for Legislator Liza Murkowski, as well as Sydney McIntosh Intern- Governor’s Office representing Governor Parnell. Gardner additionally took a minute to mention his thankfulness to the USA Army Association, the 9th Military Band as well as the neighborhood” Jackie Of All Professions “full-service event catering. Dealing with the Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the Third as well as Fourth Quarter, his style got on
exactly what it means to be a hero.” In my eyes, “Gardner said,” to be a United States solution participant, as well as to be counted among the very best in that team, makes you a hero in the truest sense of that word.” Asking young leaders to consider what their heritage would certainly be, as” Soldiers in the best army in the history of

the world,” Gardner added: “We acquired an abundant background, as well as we are obligated to bring that onward.” Designated as the ideal of the most effective, he provided them a phone call to activity.” Each of you belongs to an elite team

of heroes that have actually put service to our country over self or family members.

You have devoted on your own making this globe a better, much safer as well as extra relaxed location, now as well as for future generations,” Gardner stated.” We need you to instill that pride in our soldiers.” Praising them once more for winning such a hard competitors, he awarded each of the 4 Soldiers a Military Commendation Medal. The
Non-Commissioned Police officer of 3rd as well as Fourth Quarter were Sgt. Daniel P. Powell, C Company, 1st Squadron, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade
Battle Team, 25th Infantry Division, and Sgt. Rhea J. Pettaway, the 539th Transport Business, the 25th Brigade Assistance Squadron, 1-25th SBCT. Sgt. Powell, originally from Santa Cruz, California, joined the military in 2009. He has actually gotten on energetic obligation for five years, as well as he reenlisted to find to Ft Wainwright. Along with being a Squad Leader, his responsibilities include being a System Movement Officer, Scout as well as Elder Sniper Area Leader. He is presently seeking a degree in Wildlife Administration from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he holds a 4.0 GPA. His objectives include obtaining promoted to Team Sergeant and also participating in Ranger Institution, and he prepares to remain on active task up until he could relinquish the armed force. Sgt. Pettaway, originally from San Fernando, The golden state, joined the army in 2007. Her task specialty is Electric motor Transport Operator, and her first task was

to Camp Casey, South Korea. She next off offered at Ft Hood, Texas, and also was deployed to Kirkuk Iraq as a Security System Vehicle driver as part of the Quick Reaction Pressure there. After redeploying, she asked for to find to Fort Wainwright, Alaska. She is presently working on an on the internet degree in Healthcare Administration with the University of Monitoring and also Modern technology in Arlington, Virginia. The Soldiers of the Third and also Fourth Quarter were Pfc. Tyee C. Yucupisio, C Company, 1-24th Infantry Program, and also just recently promoted, Sgt. Jonathan Search, C Company 1st Battalion, Fifth Infantry Routine.

Pfc. Yucupisio was birthed in Coolidge, Arizona. He finished from high school in 2011 and also signed up with the army in May 2013. This is his first project. He holds a setting as rifleman as well as grenadier, and also he just recently received the leading scores in his platoon on the Military Physical fitness Test. His plans consist of graduating in Computer technology and desiring at some point come to be a Sergeant Major Sgt. Jonathan Search ended up being an NCO October 1, 2014. Originally from Denver Colorado, he signed up with the Military in 2012 as an Infantryman. Ft Wainwright is his first responsibility project, where he acts as a Group Leader.

His goals include remaining in the armed forces and mosting likely to Airborne and also Ranger College. He prepares on functioning to a degree in Criminal Justice and also is striving the rank of Sergeant Fabulous. In addition to the Organization of the United States Military, other area leaders were present to offer tiny symbols of their gratitude in recognition of the impressive initiatives and a job well done. Amongst those attending was Timothy Jones,

standing for Doyon Utilities in Fairbanks, that offered each Soldier with a present card and an emergency situation lorry kit. Free AUSA subscriptions, Certificates of Accomplishment, round caps, Leatherman tools, a book of Photographs of Alaska, and also financial presents were offered too. These were provided by Costs Brophy from the Usibellli Structure, Command Sgt. Maj. Travis D. Votaw, standing for the
Arctic Sgt. Maj. Organization, together with various other guests from the Neighborhood Spouses Club, MAC Federal Credit Union and Layout Alaska.

Nice Free Credit Score Gov photos

Nice Free Credit Score Gov photos

A few nice free credit score gov images I found:

Spirit of Justice in America
free credit score gov
Image by DonkeyHotey
First they came for our search history, then they came for the open Internet, and then they came for our public spaces.

Imagine a future where all spaces, actual and digital, are privatized. In this world you will always be operating under terms of service rather than the Rule of Law. The same click-away-your-rights protocol that currently infects website, app and software usage will be brought to the actual world. Everything you see, hear, feel, and smell in these environments is subject to copyright. Your right to photograph, video, write about or in any way reproduce or share anything will be severely limited.

As you enter a mall, a highway, a doctors office, a privatized park (like Zuccotti Park), a subway, a movie theater, an airplane, a grocery store, a university, or any privately owned space, your communications device receives a terms of service request based on your location. You will be required to accept the terms of service to be eligible to enter the space.

You won’t be given permission to access if you are undocumented, have been convicted of a crime, have a low credit score, don’t have insurance, are on some terrorist/protestor/copyright infringer watch list or don’t have a recognized device. "No shirt, no shoes, no chip, no service." "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." If you don’t want to live by the rules, then you always have the freedom to… stay home… move to another country… change the law, or whatever.

If you attempt to enter the space without accepting the terms of service you could immediately be e-ticketed. Now you will have to appear in court or pay a fine. The same holds for copyright violations. Three strikes and you are immobilized, apprehended and escorted straight to the privatized prison. You won’t see a day in court or be tried by a jury of your peers. You’ll be lucky if you are entitled to redress your grievances in front of a corporate hired arbitrator. You’ll stay in prison until you serve your term and emerge in debt for the cost of your conviction, incarceration and probation. You’ll loose the right to vote. Your prospects will be diminished.

In this future we will no longer be citizens, we will no longer even be consumers, we will become users trading our liberty for the right to work and shop.

This scenario may be extreme, but it suggests how the never ending march of privatization and robo-justice could result in a world where we justify every breech of liberty by citing the property rights of corporations. The rights we give up in the so called digital world are real rights and are setting precedents to be used against our rights in the "real world."

The cellular network is accessing the real Internet. It should not be a corporate wild west where Net Neutrality does not apply. The Internet is part of the real world where our constitutional rights must be upheld. We must be less forgiving of business practices for digital goods that restrict our rights and prevent the creep of these practices into the non-digital realm.

Another step in this escalating process of corporate control is SOPA, aka the Protect IP Act, which will bring less liberty and more robo-justice for all in the name of reducing copyright infringement and piracy.

Read Senator Ron Wyden’s SOPA statement where he warns of severe repercussions to a Free and Open Internet if bills are passed."

You can read a Senate version of the bill in this PDF.

Sculpture of the "Spirit of Justice" from the Great Hall, 2nd floor of the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. The artist, Carl Paul Jennewein, created this aluminum sculpture in 1935. The dimensions are 12′ 6" tall x 48" in diameter. The CC image used in this post is from my Flickr photostream. The source for this image of the "Spirit of Justice" is a another great photo by Carol M. Highsmith and available via the Library of Congress.

The image has been cropped, exposure increased, contrast increased, and the color is adjusted. The "Spirit of Justice" is holding the letter "INC" the abbreviation for incorporated.

Lyman Humphrey
free credit score gov
Image by jajacks62
Lyman Underwood Humphrey
Union Civil war Veteran and Former Governor of Kansas. Served in Co. I, 76th OH. Volunteer Infantry.
He was born at New Baltimore, Stark County, Ohio, July 25, 1844, and died at his home in Independence September 12, 1915. He had a worthy ancestry. His father Lyman Humphrey was born in Connecticut of English descent in 1799. The Humphrey ancestors located in New England during the early part of the seventeenth century. Lyman Humphrey as a young man moved out to the Western Reserve of Ohio, locating at Deerfield. That village had among its shops and other institutions a tannery, formerly owned by Jesse Grant, the father of Gen. U. S. Grant. This tannery was bought by Lyman Humphrey, but after engaging in the business for some years he took up the law as a profession. He filled a place of usefulness and influence in his community, served as a colonel of the militia, and died at the age of fifty-four. At Niles, Ohio, he married Elizabeth A. Everhart, daughter of John and Rachel (Johns) Everhart, a native of Pennsylvania. Mr. Everhart was connected with the iron industry at Niles. It is said that Mrs. Lyman Humphrey was the inspiration and encouragement to both her sons, and spurred them on to unusual accomplishment even as young men. She was in fact a woman of strong personality and character, of great native intelligence, and the devotion which she gave to her family in her years was well rewarded when she saw her son, after many other public honors were bestowed upon him, occupy the chair of governor in Kansas. She spent her last years at the home of Governor Humphrey in Independence, where she died in 1896 at the age of eighty-four. She was left a widow in 1853, and for a number of years had heavy responsibilities in connection with the rearing and training of her children. She gave two sons as soldiers to the Union. One of these sons, John E. Humphrey, was in the Nineteenth Ohio Infantry, was severely wounded at Shiloh, and on that account discharged from the army, but subsequently re-enlisted in the First Light Artillery of Ohio and served until the end. He was also a pioneer settler of Montgomery County, Kansas, where he died in 1880.

Nine years of age when his father died, Lyman U. Humphrey spent his early years at the old home in Ohio, attended the public schools of New Baltimore, and had begun his course in the high school at Massillon when his education was interrupted for the sake of serving his country.

October 7, 1861, at the age of seventeen, he enlisted in Company I of the Seventy-sixth Ohio Infantry. It has been well said that probably no man in Kansas had a more brilliant army record, and yet in his later career he never boasted of what he did on the field of battle, never exploited his record for the sake of advancement in politics, and it is probable that many of his stanch admirers were never aware that he had served with so much credit during the War of the Rebellion. With the Seventy-sixth Ohio, in the First Brigade, First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, be participated in twenty-seven battles, sieges and minor engagements, including Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Chickasaw Bluff, Arkansas Post, Jackson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, the siege of Vicksburg, the forced march from Memphis to Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Resaca, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, the battle before Atlanta on July 22, 1864, Ezra Chapel, Jonesboro, Lovejoy Station, the march to the sea, Savannah, the campaign through the Carolinas, and up to and including the battle of Bentonville and the surrender of Johnston’s army. At Ringgold November 27, 1863, he received his first and only wound, but lost no time from duty on that account. All this service of nearly four years, it should be noted, was rendered before he reached his majority. He was mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky, July 19, 1865, just six days before his twenty-first birthday. During the war he sent his monthly wages home to support his widowed mother, and though a youth without special influence, his faithful service gained him promotion to first sergeant of his company, and then on special recommendation from his colonel was promoted to second and first lieutenant, and was in active command of a company during the Atlanta campaign and march to the sea. A biographer has called attention to the report of an inspecting officer on the back of an old muster roll of the company he commanded. The notation follows: "Discipline, good; inspection, good; military appearance, good; arms and accoutrements, good; clothing, very bad." Undoubtedly the qualities of determined courage and devotion to duty which he exemplified in the stern times of war stood him in good stead as governor of Kansas when he was frequently called upon to face and fight more insidious enemies and influences than confronted him in warfare of arms.

Sep 14, 1915


Last Rites for Gov. Humphrey Largely Attended


Rev. Appleby Delivered the Funeral Address- Floral Offerings Very Profuse

The funeral of ex-Governor Lyman U. Humphrey was held from the family residence at 10:30 o’clock this morning and was largely attended by the old friends and residents. Only a portion of those present could obtain admission to the spacious rooms. The casket was placed in the living room in front of vast banks of flowers. It was wrapped in an American flag and covered with beautiful lilies. The floral offerings were the most beautiful and elegant ever seen in the city. In the room containing the casket they appeared in artistic symbols and emblems and great clusters and extended out onto the porch in their profusion. It was beautiful and appropriate and testified to the affection felt for one of the city’s and state’s most distinguished citizens.

The following Knights Templar acted as pallbearers: Dale Hiebrank, Hoyt Cates, Ernest Sewell, T. B. Henry, T. E. Wagstaff, J. M. Jacoby.

The members of McPherson post, G. A. R., attended the services in a body and were invited into the house.

The court house, city hall and the banks of the city were closed this morning out of respect to the memory of the deceased.

The funeral services were very impressive in their simplicity and dignity. Mrs. Frank Stoops sang with deep feeling – "I Shall See Him Face to Face," Rev. Appleby of the First Congregational church paid a fine tribute to the life and services of the deceased. Mr. Appleby stood in the reception hall when delivering his address so that he could be heard by both those in the house and those standing on the lawn. He said:

Independence today mourns the loss of her most distinguished citizen. There is no need that on this occasion I should give his biography. It is already written for the generations to come in the history of the state that honored him, and that he, in turn, so highly honored. Would I pronounce a eulogy, it is already written in your hearts.

Some one has said reputation is fleeting, honor is temporary, fame is a burden, only character endures. It is therefore fitting that we should pause at the end of a career that has been so honored and consider for a brief time some of the elements of character that made Governor Humphrey one of the great men of the state. He was born in that portion of Ohio known as the Western Reserve, a region that for decades has furnished much of the leadership of the nation. His ancestral lines ran back to Puritan New England, and his boyhood being spent in a pioneer state , he imbibed patriotism with his mother’s milk, and he breathed freedom with the air of his native hills. When the great crisis of our country’s history came and the drum beat of the nation was heard in 1861, he joined the mighty army that to the rhythm of marching feet were singing: "We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand strong."

He entered the army a boy of 17. When he was mustered out in the summer of 65, not yet 21 years of age, he was in command of a company. The same force of character that made him a soldier brave and true when he fought at Shiloh and Corinth, and Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge and a score of other battles as he followed Sherman when he went marching down from Atlanta to the sea abided with him in civil life. It was inevitable that the boy who attained an officer’s commission in the army should receive recognition as a man of leadership in the years that followed.

For a few years after the Civil war Governor Humphrey lived in Shelby county, Missouri, where he in turn was teacher, editor, and lawyer. He came to Independence in 1871. He was not yet 27 years old, and Independence was only a crude pioneer town. In the forty-four years that have passed no man has made a more varied contribution of his talent and strength to the making of his adopted city. Together with Charles and Thomas Yoe and certain Missouri friends he established the South Kansas Tribune, which abides to this day as one of the strong influential journals of the state. Governor Humphrey was editor and W. T. Yoe was business manager. In 1872, after having been connected with the paper for a little over a year he left the editorial tripod and engaged in the practice of law. A dozen years later in connection with George T Geuernsey and others he engaged in the banking business and was the first president of the Commercial National bank, serving in that company for six years.

The same interest in public affairs that made him a soldier in the sixties led him into political life in the seventies and later. He was a member of the legislature serving both in the lower house and in the senate later becoming lieutenant governor. In 1888 he received the highest honor in the gift of the state, being elected governor by the largest plurality ever given to a candidate for a state office. Two years later the people testified to their approval of his administration by electing him for a second term. On his retirement from office he reentered business life and through the years has been honored by the community as its first citizen.

This is not the time or place to make extended remarks concerning Governor Humphrey’s political career; but it is certainly entirely in keeping with the proprieties to say that he gave the state a clean administration, free from scandal, and that, in the face of threats against his political life, he stood steadfastly for prohibition as the established attitude of the state toward the liquor traffic; and for this alone he should be held in in grateful and everlasting remembrance by every loyal son of Kansas.

A cultured gentleman, a successful businessman, an honored public official blessed with many warm and enduring friendships, he failed to find in all these things that which satisfied his soul’s highest longings. His attitude toward happiness was that of President Garfield as revealed in this story.

On election night, in November, 1880, there was gathered in General Garfield’s political headquarters a group of personal friends who were anxiously awaiting the election returns. The reports, fragmentary at first, soon began to point to the election of General Garfield. Finally there was no doubt about it. The waiting friends began to tender congratulations. Other congratulations began to come in over the wires from friends throughout the nation. Suddenly the pastor of the triumphant candidate said: "General Garfield I want to preach next Sunday morning from a text suggested by the president elect. Give me a text." Then this man, who had won honors in the scholastic world and on the field of battle and in the halls of congress he who had found the tow path a highway leading to the door of the White House- he, with the highest honor in the gift of the nation his turned and instantly replied:

"Take this: from the last verse of the seventeenth Psalm: "I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness."

Even though a man attain to the highest earthly honor, nothing short of likeness to a Son of God will satisfy him. That same heart craving for more than this earth can give even to the highly successful found expression in the life of Governor Humphrey in his membership in the Congregational church and the confession of faith that it implied. For some years he was chairman of our board of trusties and he had a keen appreciation of the work of the church and all it stood for.

Today his memory is honored by city and state, a multitude of friends find inspiration in his career; his home darkened by death is brightened by flowers from many sources; but that which brings the most solid and enduring comfort to the bereaved hearts of his dear ones is the message of the church that he loved and served the words of the Lord, Jesus Christ, his Master, who said: "I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall live; and whosoever liveth, and believeth in me, shall never die."

The sufferings of Governor Humphrey extended through many months and there is suggested the problem of the meaning of pain. The best brief answer I have found in the words of another:

The cry of man’s anguish went up to God:

"Lord take away pain–

The shadow that darkens the world thou hast made,

The close coiling chain

That strangles the heart, the burden that weighs

On wings that would soar

Lord, take away pain from the world thou hast made,

That it love Thee the more."

Then answered the Lord to the cry and His word:

"Shall I take away pain,

And with it the power of the soul to endure,

Made strong by the strain?

Shall I take away pity, that knits heart to heart,

And sacrifice high?

Will you lose all your heroes that lift from the fire

White brows to the sky?

Shall I take away love, that redeems with a price

And smiles at its loss?

Can ye spare from your lives, that would climb into mine–

The Christ on his cross?"

Pain, suffering, sorrow and bereavement are common to all. We can not escape them. Our only hope is to find comfort when they do come. This comfort will be just in proportion to our faith in Jesus Christ. If in our hearts we believe in Him, we will reckon the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed.

Amanda Lowman Bartholomew, one our own Kansas writers has beautifully expressed this faith in these words which I close:

The river’s not wide,

And the other side

Seems nearer than ever before;

The waves once so dark,

Recede from the bark

As I list for the dip of the oar.

I shudder no more,

For the splash of the oar

Falls in rythmical cadence so sweet,

It seems but a part

Of the peace of my heart,

As the waters flow nearer my feet.

Now yet do I shrink,

Though close to the brink

The breath of the river grows chill,

For through the deep roll

His voice in my soul

Bids the waves and all my fears be still.

In the fast ebbing sand

Uplifted I stand

By a hand pierced for me long ago,

My sins all confessed,

On his bosom I rest,

He will bear me safe over I know.