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Find out the Magic of Discover Card

Find out the Magic of Discover Card

Plastic cash became the talk about the city once 90’s once individuals completed the convenience it provided for payments. Plastics were at the start issued solely by banks to those customers only that had accounts in those banks. Presently many monetary corporations like Discovery card services started provision plastics for soul WHO didn’t had account with them however got the chance to open one and luxuriate in the advantages of the MasterCard. With the initial success it got from the response of the common plenty, Discover monetary services became one amongst the leading cards provision company within us of America.

Plastic cash issued by the Discover card service is exclusive and completely different from alternative cards. 1st of all they supply you with nice credit opportunities by providing you cash to satisfy your monetary wants. In step with the sort of the MasterCard, the credit limit is about and might be employed by completely different individuals. Credit limit on the plastics set keeping in mind the financial gain standing of the individual’s happiness to completely different teams. You ought to not apply or try and get a card that has higher credit limit then your financial gain, as a result of then you’d be inadvertently outlay an excessive amount of. As you recognize the cash spent from the MasterCard ought to be came or paid back to the provision company with interest at the tip of the month. Thus if you’re outlay over you’ll be able to truly afford, it’ll become tough for you to pay back the complete quantity, which may any have an effect on your credit ratings.

There are varied credit cards out there with Discover services, which you’ll be able to obtain from Value Plus monetary services, by visiting Discover card online service. A number of these are:

For students: students get monetary facilitate from government agencies and personal establishments to satisfy their monetary wants. Discover services even have tried to supply straightforward cash to varsity going students, WHO wish to create up credit ratings for themselves. All the school going students will afford to shop for this card and luxuriate in the advantages like low April rate, no annual fee, straightforward payments and reward points.
For travelers: taking care of cash and expenditure whereas traveling will be tough. This can be why you wish a card that provides you convenient payments at the side of supplying you with rewards.

For daily purpose: to shop for gas, paying for groceries and bills in restaurants, there are many credit cards with discover. To understand additional regarding them visit,

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Resource: Miles by discover

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Get A Discover Card for Your Quick Payment Requirements

Get A Discover Card for Your Quick Payment Requirements

If the areas were flooded with visa and MasterCard synthetic money, advancement card was introduced with a view of giving customers more wise choice of fast payments. Seeing the power of find finance services thrive among the customers, the standard plastic cash businesses started initially to play low priced online game to keep its monopoly in the credit system. They informed every store that if they’re going to sell or hold a discover card then they won’t ever get a way to possess visa or MasterCard. This was actually horrifying when it comes to discover finance company because hardly any stores or banks had opted for their plastic materials, that was means less than the people having visa or MasterCard. But find out economic services had been determined to have their particular hold on to industry, that has been given to all of them after a legal fight inside Supreme legal.

there are many plastics readily available with discover monetary solutions which facilitates the customers which will make easy and quick payments with providing them with discover benefits. You will find different types of synthetic cash but deciding on the best one to meet your needs are a niggling thing. Therefore for the assistance check out simple quick points with aid which you can select the right plastic right for your requirements:

* Before picking up only any synthetic cash it is important that you make a summary of your preferences and demands. Why do you’ll need the plastic money, that which you buy mainly or make repayments for making use of the plastic, what is the limitation you can afford to cover right back punctually etc.

* After evaluating your needs, take into account the benefits of the card and the interest which enforced onto it. Benefits are great thing to simply take optimum benefit of your synthetic cash only if the incentive things are suitable for you. Interest rate increases the debt burden for you so you will need to select one that has actually low-value interest upon it.

* borrowing limit for the card is essential to ponder about if you are part of reasonable earnings group. You will need to have a plastic with reasonable borrowing limit, this way you won’t invest beyond what you can afford to pay off.

Discover bank cards include low interest or APR and also have different credit restrictions to help you select any according to your decision. Each bank card granted by all of them has great reward things on it so they are extremely advantageous for you personally. If you wish to get discover card online then see

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Life Flows

Life Flows

Some awesome find card photos:

Life Flows
discover card
< img alt=" find card" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by< a href= " "> cobalt123 A view of a sea animal, seen at the Manhattan Coastline Aquarium in The golden state in March. Enjoyable to uncover I still had the SD card of pictures I fired with my DiMAGE X1 camera that was swiped in June. This sea animal was photographed at night with my video camera pushed versus the glass. If anyone knows an approximate ID, I ‘d sure appreciate knowing it.

Caldwell 23 (NGC 891)
discover card
< img alt=" discover card" src="" size=" 400"/ > Picture by< a href= "" > Paul M. Hutchinson FRAS NGC 891 (likewise called Caldwell 23) is an edge-on unbarred spiral galaxy (in fact prevented) regarding 30 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda. It was uncovered by William Herschel on October 6, 1784. The galaxy is a participant of the NGC 1023 team of galaxies in the Local Supercluster. It has an H II core.

Technical card
Imaging telescope: Skywatcher Traveler 200p
Imaging electronic camera: Canon 1100D
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5
Guidescope: SkyWatcher 50mm/162mm Finderscope
Overview cam: QHYCCD qhy-5 II
Software application: Incanus APT – Astro Photography Tool, Deep Sky Stacker, Adobe PhotoshopCS5
Filter: Astronomik CLS Canon EOS Clip
Resolution: 2048×1537
Day: 2014-01-19
Structures: 9×300″ “ISO1600 Integration: 0.8 hours Avg. Moon age: 17.26 days Avg. Moon phase: 93.11%.
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 5.00.
RA centre: 35.784 degrees.
DEC centre: 42.279 levels.
Pixel scale: 0.975 arcsec/pixel.
Alignment: -95.322 degrees.
Field span: 0.347 degrees

King St. Sydney from Pitt St., looking E, February-March 1895/ H. King Syd.
discover card
< img alt=" uncover card" src="" size=" 400"/ > Photo by< a href="" > State Collection of New South Wales collection Format: Albumen photoprint

. Notes: As a wire tram rotates
up King Street in the direction of Queens Square, a crowd occupies both sides of the street. They have actually constructed outside the Daily Telegraph office, where the most up to date news was posted each day. Evaluating by this photo, it is not unexpected that the 1909 Royal Payment on the Improvement of Sydney was important of the web traffic chaos on Sydney’s slim streets. Discover extra pictures of early Sydney on Discover

Collections- Sydney Exposed:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > … From the collections of the Mitchell Collection, State Library of New

South Wales Info about photo collections of the State Library of New South

Wales:< a href =" "rel=" nofollow" > search/SimpleSearch. aspx Consistent link:< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > item/itemDetailPaged. aspx?itemID= 412721

Cool Discover Card images

Cool Discover Card images

Some cool discover card images:

Image from page 9 of “Games of skill, and conjuring: including draughts, dominoes, chess, morrice” (1865)
discover card
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: gamesofskillconj00lond
Title: Games of skill, and conjuring: including draughts, dominoes, chess, morrice
Year: 1865 (1860s)
Subjects: Games
Publisher: London, New York, G. Routledge and sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
The Card discovered by the Touch or Smell 51 The Card in the I ut 52 BoAT-BtriLDiifG 53 Cutter 54 Smack 55 Schooner 55 Lugger 56 Modelling 57 Cardboard Work 57 Plaster Casts 67 Vegetable Carving 70 The Deaf and Dtiiie Alphabet 71 The Alphabet 71 The Eiddlee 75 Enigmas 75 PAGE Charades i … 77 Conundrums 78 Acting Chaeades 81 I. Charade in Dumb Show . . 81 II. Charade in Dialogue … 82Key to Enigmas, &c 88 Puzzles and Paeadoses … 90Key to the same …… 95 Miscellaneous 98 To polish Shells 98 Miniature Oak-tree 99 To extract the Perfume of Flowers 99 Vegetable Skeletons 99 Cherrystone Baskets 100 To form Figures in Relief on an Egg 101 Storm-glasses 101 To make Bread Seals …. 101To take Impressions from Seals 103Varnish for Ornamental Pur-poses 103 Snows 103 Punch and Judy 103 The Drama of Punch and Judy . 106 Fantoccini 113 Gallanty Show 115 The Wonderful Crocodile . . .117Chinese Show of Artificial Fire-works 122 The Model Stage 125 Tinselling 127 GAMES OF SKILL DRAUGHTS.

Text Appearing After Image:
of stratagem, are lessons wS the gamlof D?au4iTroStl v ?°i *^ uniformly explains.—Joshua SxueIes -^i^augms strongly mculcates, and This interesting game is considered to be of very remote orio-ir, Poet, mentioned it, and in 1668, Monsieur Ma Ipt . P • •rw?*!,*^,^- °^ !*■■= ^J <=ompIeaty, is second only to arise on that score, for, as the great authority upon the game. DRAUGHTS. Joshua Sturges, observes, It guards simplicity from the lures ofdeceit, and prevents cunning from preying on credulity; for wheresuperior skill alone commands success, the ignorant are not madenough to hazard theiH fortunes in a contest where loss is certain,and gain impossible. Considering the game as an amusement, itcannot be denied that it tends to improve those faculties of the mindwhich are eminently useful in every condition of life; and may there-fore be made the school of wisdom, but cannot, like the gamblingtable of chance, become the nursery of vice. The draught-board is a square, divid

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

“Toys of Christmas Past”
discover card
Image by brizzle born and bred
Did you know that toys and games have been part of childhood for thousands of years? As early as 4000 B.C. (before Christ), games became a source of entertainment. At that time, people of Babylon played a game that preceded the present day game of chess.

4000 BC – A Babylonian game, which is the ancestor of modern draughts begins to be played

3000 BC – First Game resembling modern Backgammon is played in Sumeria.

2000 BC – Stone marbles first used in Egypt.

1000 BC – Kites appear in China. Stone Yo-Yos begin to be used in Greece

600 BC – An ancestor of chess called ‘Chaturanga’ is played in India.

1759 – Roller skates are invented by Joseph Merlin.

Victorian Era – Victorian children had fewer toys than you have today. Poor Children – Poor families made their own, such as cloth-peg dolls and paper windmills. Children would save their pocket money to buy marbles, a spinning top, skipping ropes, kites or cheap wooden toys.

Rich Children had rocking horses with real horse hair manes, and dolls houses full of beautifully-carved miniature furniture. Other popular toys for rich children included china or wax dolls for the girls and clockwork train sets for the boys. Girls played with dolls and tea sets whilst boys played with toy soldiers and marbles.

During Victorian times, people became fascinated by toys that made pictures move. One of the earliest and simplest of these was the thaumatrope. This is a disc with a picture on either side that is attached to two pieces of string or a stick. When you spin the disc quickly, the two pictures appear to combine into one.

1901 – Meccano goes on sale in the UK. Invented by Frank Hornby in Liverpool, it captures the spirit of the age with a challenging construction toy. One of the century’s leading toy makers and creator of Hornby train sets (1920, and see 1925) and Dinky Toys, Hornby died in 1936.

1902 – In the USA, the Teddy Bear is created by a Russian emigrants Morris MiTchtom who had seen a report of US President Teddy Roosevelt who declined to shoot a bear cub while out hunting. Clifford Berryman’s celebrated newspaper cartoon captured this moment and Mitchcom launched his range of "Teddy" bears in his Brooklyn shop. German toymaker, Margarete Steiff began making jointed toy animals including bears, and they were also able to cash in on the teddy bear craze in the USA, which spread worldwide.

1903 – Edwin Binney & Harold Smith patent the first ‘Crayola’ crayons.

1908 – Plasticine goes on sale.

1909 – Kewpie Doll-devised by Rosi O’Neill patented in 1935

1910 – Daisy Air Rifles go on sale.

1914 – Tinker Toys – interlocking construction toy.

1914 – Frank Hornby manufactures ‘0 Gauge’ Clockwork model trains

1925 – The first electric ‘Hornby’ train appears..Hornby produce the first electric train sets in the world.

1928 – Mickey Mouse is created by Walt Disney. The licensed toy is born. Dolls from 1930

1929 – Duncan Yo-Yo’s are first launched in Los Angeles when Frank Duncan saw waiters from the Philippines playing with their tradit-ional Yo-Yo. It can be traced back to Ancient Greece – in the Philippines it was a weapon (like a boomerang) for hunting and war until later it became a sporting item then later a plaything. In 1930 Frank Duncan brought over demonstrators to Europe to play the music halls – and the craze took off.

1930 – Charlotte Cla in the USA starts making Micky Mouse dolls based on the first Disney cartoon first screened in 1928.

1932 – US architect, Alfred Butt begins work on what will become the board game, Scrabble. He calls it Lexico. (See 1940) In Denmark, Ole Kirk Christiansen started his Lego toy company. Lego means ‘play well’ in Danish. (leg godt). Later he discovered Lego in Latin means ‘to put together’.

1934 – Corgi starts to manufacture toy cars and other models. In 1965 their model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film became the very first BATR Toy of the Year.

1935 – Monopoly arrives in the UK. Invented in the USA by Charles Darrow in 1933, patent filed 31st August 1935 while on sale in America. It was made under licence in the UK by Waddingtons. Darrow died in 1967.

1935 – Minibrix made by the Premo Rubber Co. using the studs and cavity device which paved the way for plastic interlocking bricks pioneered by Hilary Page in the 1940s.

1943 – Richard James, researching a suspension device develops the Slinky. It goes on sale in 1945.

1948 – Criss Cross Words invented by Alfred Butt (originally Lexico) fails to sell well and is sold to James Brunot who changes the name to Scrabble. Sales average just 8,000, but from 1953 – 55 it suddenly takes off – sales reach 4.5million sets.

1949 – Leeds-based Waddington’s produces mystery board-game, Cluedo. This year (1999) it celebrated its 50th birthday.

1949 – Ole Christiansen, invents Lego bricks. Just six bricks will fit together in 102,981,500 ways !

1950 – Disney’s latest release, Cinderella, spawns toy products. Meanwhile, Disney was telling the toy industry to gear up for their next full-length cartoon, Alice in Wonderland, out in 1951. Popular Toys: a wind-up Cinderella dancing doll (with Prince) and Palitoy’s Archie Andrew Ventro Doll…Minibrix, ‘the world’s finest toys’ from Dean & Son, Flying Saucer from Cascelloid, Electric Contact Quiz – ‘lights up your party – mysterious, unique, amusing’ – claims the makers, Spears. Other events: First Toy Fair in Harrogate. First meeting of the NATR – the toy retailers association.

1951 – best selling toys: Alice (from Alice in Wonderland film), Talking Eggs from Selcol with a crank-handle to make Humpty Dumpty squeak (6/9d) – about 32p…Muffin the Mule push-along toy by Kohnstam…Kiddicraft’s ‘Sensible’ range of cot and pram toys designed by Hilary Page.

1951 – A Muffin The Mule push-along toy is the best seller this year.

1952 – Mr Potato Head is launched. Jack O’dell creates the first Matchbox car.

1952 – Popular toys: Crazy Ball from Louis Marx…Negro dolls from Pedigree called Mary Lou and Dixie…Flop: Loopo, a game with a ball and small hand-held loop promoted as ‘the sensation of the year’…Lines Brothers, Britain’s largest toymaker celebrated its 70th birthday…

1953 – A ‘Little Princess’ doll designed by Norman Hartnell is launched to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

1953 – Pedigree launch dolls with ‘flesh-like’ vinyl plastic heads with ‘hair that grows out of their heads!’ using a "Angela, the doll with magic flesh" – it also has ‘sleeping’ eyes and lashes. Another pedigree doll out this Coronation year, is Little Princess dressed by Norman Hartnell…retailers read for the first time that out-of-town shopping centres are being tried out in the USA…Dean’s Rag Books are 50 years old…New Toys: Flower pot Men based on the TV series. Wembley – the football board game, Keywords (from Waddingtons) which has some similarities to Scrabble. Novelty Toys: Atom Bomber with A-bombs with automatic releases, and Slinky, the toy that slithers down steps – still a big seller to this day.

1954 – Sooty appears on TV and turns out to be an actual Chad Valley glove puppet…sales soar. The British Toy & Hobby Association hold their first Toy Fair in Brighton. New Toys: Dan Dare Rota Spinner for the beach…and at Christmas: Matchbox vehicles, Painting By Numbers. Scrabble arrives.

1955 – Scrabble sold in the UK by Spears begins to grow in popularity. Scoop from Waddingtons challenges.

1956 – New Game: Beat the Clock (Spears) based on the game on TV’s Sunday Night at the Palladium…Flops: New Footy Table Soccer as recommended by Stanley Matthews, and Newcrikit , recommended by Freddie Trueman…the Corgi Model Club formed…Triang T-T Gauge trains launched…Radio comedian (and chairman of Chad Valley) Kenneth Horne is seen on TV trying out the new Rise’n’Shine shaving kit and beauty shop – the first seen on TV…and the launch of the sputnik inspires the Bleep Bleep satellite toy.

1956 – A Mr B. Francis puts small electric motors in his scale models of cars and ‘Scalectrix’ is born.

1957 – Combex brings out the Sooty toothbrush flute…and following the Disney film’s release, a rash of Davy Crockett hats and toys.

1958 – New: The Hula – Hoop arrives! 20 million sold in the first year. Scalextric electric model racing first introduced…but whatever happened to Pictorama which can create 14 million different combinations of pictures? It’s the 50th birthday for Plasticine…and Frisbees (invented 1957 at the Frisbee Pie Factory) compete for attention.

1959 – Barbie is created by Ruth Handler, and is named after her daughter Barbara.

1959 – Stanley Matthews endorses Frido playballs. Selling well: Matchbox’s Scammel Breakdown truck, Board Games: Careers, and Wack-O (based on Jimmy Edward’s TV series)

1960 – For the first time, the Brighton Toy Fair allows imported toys to be shown. The craze that swept France, Loopyloop is predicted to sweep Britain…it doesn’t…Lego is seen at the Toy Fair for the first time…plastic kits dominate the market and toy market (at retail) is worth £85m through 11,000 outlets.

1961 – A mini-boom in costume dolls…Airfix launch their Betta Bilda sets at 10 shillings each (50p)…Fuzzyfelt bring out Noddy finger puppets, Scalextrics slot car racing sets, and trains are amongst this year’s top sellers.

1962 – Tipped as the craze of the year, Airtoy’s Spinning Satellite…it isn’t. Dinky launch Ford Fairlane, Corgi offer a model Silverstone with pit stops, Chad Valley launches the Give-a-show projector…Barbie and boy friend Ken impress US market…the Pogo stick is fun again…and Dinky’s First Engine is the first ever with flashing lights.

1963 – The board game, Diplomacy arrives…Matchbox offer cars with doors that open…and there is ‘the greatest money spinner ever from Frido’ – Disky Discs and goal posts to play ‘1-dimensional football’.

1964 – The latest craze: Booma Boomerang, Corgi is 30 years old and celebrates by introducing Corgi Classics…Diana Dors promotes the Trolls.

1965 – Dr Who and the Daleks on TV and toys available this Christmas…the James Bond Aston Martin Car is the big seller and will be the first ever Toy of the Year (to be announced as it will be in future in January of the following year at the NATR Dinner). Waddington’s launch Spyring board game, and the Noise Abatement Society complains about the V-rroom roar maker fitted to bicycles…the Gonks arrive to challenge Trolls…Denys Fisher launch the Spirograph. Craze that never was – Nik Nok – cup and ball game.

1965 – The James Bond Aston Martin from Corgi is the most popular toys this year. A version of the toy is still on sale today.

1966 – Action Man, the first ‘Doll For Boys’ is launched and is a massive success. Toy of the year this year will be Action Man – causing a sensation as the first doll for boys…for girls there is Tiny Tears. To rival Action man, Pedigree launch Tommy Gunn. Another craze that never was: Ippy Op – ball come skipping rope…but party game, Twister is a success.

1967 – Spiro-Graph is toy of the year. Rolf Harris Stylophone (Musical toy with a strangely annoying pitch. Apparently invented by accident the Stylophone enjoys cult popularity among musicians and has been used by bands as diverse as David Bowie and Blur.

1968 – Sindy is top doll and will win Toy of the Year. Ride-a-Roo ball is launched, as are Joe 90 products, Beatles’s Yellow Submarine, and the Go Car game which includes a breathalyser test as a hazard. Other new products: a multi-cube game called Instant Insanity and Glow-Globs, modelling compound that glows in the dark, and paintwheels.

1969 – Hot Wheels cars will win Toy of the Year. The Newton’s Cradle (Klikkies) sells well…but Tic Tac Tosser has a shorter life.

1970 – Sindy wins Toy of the Year for a second time…the NATR launches their Toy Token scheme…"The computer is becoming such an important part of our lives that a mini-computer for kids is in the office"…Super markets begin selling toys, and Matchbox makes 900 redundant.

1971 – Space Hoppers, inflatable orange bouncers with horns for handles. Klackers, a modernised version of conkers that made a very annoying ‘Klick Klack’ sound and lead to dozens of imitations. Katie Kopycat writing doll wins Toy of the Year. The giant Lines Brothers collapses, the arrival of Space Hopper, Craze of the year Clackers or Klik Klaks – first seen on Spanish beaches. Fun Bubbles sell over 7 million in first year.

1972 – Plasticraft modelling kits win Toy of the Year.

1973 – The first Game of the Year – Invicta’s Mastermind…a shortage of plastic causes problems…children’s pocket money averages 9p. New dolls: Disco Girl, Chelsea Girl, Daisy. Toy guns concern when gunmen using toy guns are shot dead by police outside India House.

1973 – Mastermind, a game that had nothing to do with the TV show and everything to do with cracking the code of your opponents coloured plastic pegs.

1974 – Magna Doodle. The magnetic drawing toy which was invented in Japan by pen engineers trying to create a clean mess free chalk.

1975 – Wombles. Womblemania hit the UK and Womble toys where everywhere.

1976 – Raw Power. A handle that you added to your bike and ‘revved’ to create the sound of an engine.

1977 – Slime, a bright green PVA based blob that came in little plastic pots and ruined many a households soft furnishings! Othello, the strategy game of Black & White counters. Holly Hobbie, dolls based on the popular character. Skateboards, 1977 saw the high point of the 1970’s skate craze and featured thin ‘surfboard’ style boards.

1978 – Star Wars, after the release of the movie the previous year the toys soon followed and became one of the most successful movie licenced properties of all time, the toys dominated toy shops until the middle 1980’s when their popularity waned. Simon, the electronic game where you followed a sequence of lights and sounds before you threw it across the room in sheer frustration!

1979 – Space Lego, the humble building brick went where no man had gone before. Stop Boris, a game where you stopped Boris, a creepy spider, with a light gun.

1980 – Rubiks Cube, invented by Hungarian designer Erno Rubik over 100 million of these tricky little puzzles were sold between 1980 and 1982.

1981 – Lego Train. Lego launches their first electric ‘train set’ which featured strangely enough blue rails!

1982 – BMX Bikes, everybody went BMX crazy, BMX is short for Bicycle Motocross. ZX Spectrum, the first ‘affordable’ home gaming computer arrived in UK households.

1983 – My Little Pony, based on an Animated TV series there was an entire world of small plastic horses and accessories to collect. My Little Pony went on to become one of the most successful girls toy concepts of all time. Boys did not miss out this year as they got He Man & The Masters Of The Universe which followed the same based on animation format and became one of the most successful boys toy concepts of all time.

1984 – Care Bears. Following the successful ‘toys from an animated series’ format from the previous year the Care Bears arrived from Care-a-Lot. Shortly before Christmas Cabbage Patch Kids, created by artist Xavier Roberts also arrived and created chaos in toy shops across the land as parent competed to buy one of the sought after dolls. The Board game Trivial Pursuit was the best selling board game in 1984 and dolls based on popular Pop Stars Michael Jackson and Boy George was also big hits.

1985 – Transformers, robots in disguise. These ‘action figures’, which transformed from vehicle to robot and back, again confounded parents and delighted children. Optimus Prime was THE toy to have in 1985 and lead to huge shortages of product.

1986 – In this World Cup year the playground graze was Panini Football stickers. If you managed to complete an album you were a playground hero.

1987 – Sylvanian Families, a range of cute and cuddly animals with play-sets and vehicles. Rubiks Magic, a follow up to the Rubiks Cube.

1988 – Ghostbusters, based on the popular movie and animated series, children across the land strapped on ‘proton packs’ and set out to capture ghosts. Slimer, one of the lead characters was also a firm favourite in toy shops, along with the vehicle Ecto-1.

1989 – Another hit movie, another toy shop success. The Tim Burton movie ‘Batman’ breathed new life into an old favourite and Batmania swept the UK.

1990 – Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles arrived in toy shops and where an immediate hit. Originating in the US from a comic book the original word ‘Ninja’ in the title was replaced with ‘Hero’ in the UK for fears that it would violent connotations with parents.

1991 – Nintendo launched Game Boy in the UK.

1992 – Thunderbirds enjoyed a re-birth this year and dads of a certain age across the land re-lived there childhoods with their children. Shortages of the most popular toy, Tracey Island were so severe that Blue Peter ran an episode where the showed you how to make your own….

1993 – Power Rangers, the TV show arrived on our screens and children’s TV has not been the same since. Toys based on the show sold out immediately.

1994 – Magic Eye Pictures were all the rage and toys and puzzles featuring these pictures within pictures prompted even more people to ask ‘can you see it?’

1995 – POGS, small cardboard disks stormed into playgrounds and became a huge craze. Star Wars toys start production again after a short hiatus, 1970’s kids are now adults and collect the toys out of nostalgia but a new generation of kids also embraces the saga.

1996 – Toy Story, the animated film from Pixar was a huge hit in the cinema and toys from the movie were more than elusive. Parents went to desperate measures to secure a Buzz Lightyear doll. The rights to produce toys from the film went to a small independent Canadian toy company who simply could not cope with the demand. Why? Because all of the major toy manufacturers turned down the chance to make Toy Story merchandise, as they felt that the movie would never catch on. Corinthian figures, small figurines of football stars with oversized heads were the hot collectible and equally popular with adults and child collectors.

1997 – The year of T, Teletubbies, Tamagotchi and TY Beanie Babies are toy shop best sellers.

1998 – The humble Yo Yo returns as the craze of the year, after last being seen in the 1950’s and the 1970’s. The ProYo II is the Yo Yo of choice. Just before Christmas the interactive pet, Furby arrives in toy shops.

1999 – A board game based on the hit TV quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ is the best selling board game. Toys and games based on Pokemon the Nintendo game prove to be quite popular. The firm favourite are the trading cards hundreds of millions of which are sold, swapped and traded across the globe.

2000 – Robotic Pets and Aluminium Folding Scooters are this year crazes. They are also accompanied by another familiar face, The Thunderbirds return again and Tracey Island is another Christmas best seller.

2001 – Bob The Builder toys are big hits, Folding Scooters continue to be the must have accessory for both kids and style guru’s alike. Closely followed by Pogo Sticks which enjoyed a resurgence of interest this year.

2002 – Bratz Dolls, steal some of Barbie’s position as top fashion doll, a place she has held since she was born in 1959. Beyblades, customizable spinning tops and Micropets, miniature robotic pets are the favourite crazes

2003 – Beyblades continue to be the playground craze closely followed by Yucky Yo Balls, fluid filled stretchy balls on an elastic string. However Yucky Yo Balls are swiftly banned by the government over safety fears. This is the first time that the government has banned a toy in over 10 years.

2004 – Toy of the Year ‘Terrain Twister’ radio controlled vehicle.

2005 – Fisher-Price top-selling Dora’s Talking House"

2006 – The overall winner of the title Toy Of The Year 2006 was awarded to the Dr Who Cyberman Voice Changer Mask. This Voice Changer is a replica Cyberhead that will give you a robotic voice. It features speech, sound effects and lights! It has 3 play buttons, one that plays Cyberman phrases, one that changes your voice into that of the Cybermen and one with Cyber weapon sound effects.

2007 – The Toy of the Year Award was given to Blanket Time Iggle Piggle Dancing Soft Toy, from the massively popular ‘In The Night Garden’. Boys Toy of the year was chosen as the Ben 10 Omnitrix FX, which is like a wrist watch which transform Ben into different alien superheroes.

2008 – Toy of the Year Ben 10 Action figures 10" and 15" – Pre School Toy of the Year Kidizoom camera, Vtech – Collectable toy of the Year Go Go Crazy Bones – Construction toy of the year is Lego – Girls range toy of the year is Sylvanian families. – Boys range of the year is Ben 10, Bandai – Girls toy of the year is FurReal Biscuit my lovin’ pup.

2009 – Last year the toy of the year award as voted by the Toy Retailer Association went to the Ben 10 series. The year before it went to a set of toys from In the Night Garden. The theme seems to be a toy connected to a popular children’s television character and this will probably be the same pattern for the best selling toy of 2009/2010. Young children love toys that are familiar, toys that they identify with the television characters that they see. In 2008 the pre school toy of the year was again, In the Night Garden and toys such as Star Wars and toys featuring Thomas the Tank engine (pre school toys of the year in 2005) regularly win toy awards.

Toy Facts

Hasbro is the largest toy manufacturer in the world.

The 20th century saw the invention of dozens of much-loved toys as well. Still-popular board games like Tripoley, Sorry and Monopoly have been around since the 1930s, and Crayola Crayons are more than 100 years old! Twister, made by a division of Hasbro, sold more than 3 million games within a year of its release in 1966. It has sold more than 22 million since then.

Toys aren’t always a hit the year, or even the decade, they’re created. Unemployed architect Alfred Mosher Butts invented the game of Scrabble, which he first called "Lexiko" and later "Criss-Cross Words," in the 1930s. Entrepreneur James Brunot acquired the game in 1947, but it wasn’t until 1953, when the president of Macy’s — now owned by retail giant Federated Department Stores — discovered the game on vacation that things really took off. More than 100 million sets have since been sold worldwide.

The fortunes of other playthings are more cyclical. Troll dolls, which hit big during the 1960s, had all but disappeared by the 1980s until troll nostalgia ushered in a second boom in the early 1990s. As Generation Xers grow older, toys like Cabbage Patch Kids, now made by Mattel, and Koosh balls could stage a comeback as well.

And there’s serious money to be had. Mr. Potato Head, made in 1952 by Hasbro’s Playskool unit, was the first toy advertised on television, and it grossed more than million in its first year (that’s billion in 2005 dollars). Play-doh, which was originally designed for cleaning wallpaper, made inventor Joseph McVicker a millionaire by his 27th birthday. And Mattel sells an astounding 1.5 million Barbie dolls each week — that’s two dolls per second.

Top 10 Ways to Get Attention on Flickr
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Image by Thomas Hawk
"What is more pleasant than the benevolent notice other people take of us, what is more agreeable than their compassionate empathy? What inspires us more than addressing ears flushed with excitement, what captivates us more than exercising our own power of fascination? What is more thrilling than an entire hall of expectant eyes, what more overwhelming than applause surging up to us? What, lastly, equals the enchantment sparked off by the delighted attention we receive from those who profoundly delight ourselves? – Attention by other people is the most irresistible of drugs. To receive it outshines receiving any other kind of income. This is why glory surpasses power and why wealth is overshadowed by prominence."

Caterina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr, 2005.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr that proved fairly popular. A lot has changed at Flickr in the past 2 years though and how imagery is rated and ranked on the site has also changed. That said, I thought I’d write a fresher updated post on the top 10 ways, presently, to get attention on Flickr.

Back in 2006 when I wrote my original article on how to achieve popularity on Flickr my photostream had been viewed almost 400,000 times. According to a Flickr stats page that’s been added since that time, the view count for my pages on Flickr now stands at 9,953,328. It should pass 10 million sometime this week. I’m averaging about 14,000 page views a day on Flickr.

Some of how one gets attention on Flickr has remained the same since 2006. Other stuff has changed.

1. Take great pictures. This was my number one way to achieve popularity on Flickr in 2006 and remains the number one way today. Despite all the other things that you might do to promote your photography, none of it will matter if your photos are not interesting. Everyone can be creative. Some are more creative than others. Sometimes your gear and photo processing matters, other times it doesn’t. I’ve seen incredibly beautiful and creative photos taken with a toy camera. And I’ve seen incredibly beautiful and creative photos taken with a ,000 digital Hasselblad. I’ve seen people upload interesting things from a crappy iPhone camera and I’ve seen people upload interesting things that they spent 8 hours on Photoshop with. But, the better your photos are the more likely that you will get attention. Taking great photos is a prerequisite to everything else in this article.

This said, there are certain types of photos that tend to become more popular on Flickr than others. Provocatively posed female self portraits or photos of attractive women in interesting poses, extremely saturated photos rich with eye candy like color, cityscapes, night photography, photos depicting movement and motion, silhouettes, dramatic architecture, unique portraits, creatively arranged macros and cross processed and some film photography.

2. The order that you post your photos to Flickr counts. The number one way that your photos will likely be seen in Flickr comes from your Flickr contacts looking at their Flickr contact’s photos. At present Flickr allows you to set your contacts most recent photos to their last photo, or their last 5 photos. Anything beyond 5 photos in a single batch upload will largely be buried on Flickr. If you are uploading more than 5 photos at once, make sure that you upload your best 5 photos last and what you consider your very best photo last of all. Frequently people will upload a batch of 30 photos from a concert or something with no thought as to which will be the last 5 of the 30 in order.

3. Consider places outside of Flickr to promote your photography. Do you have a blog or a photoblog? If you want more attention on Flickr you should. Flickr makes it very easy to blog your photos, you simply cut and paste the html code above your photo and you are now photoblogging with a direct link back to your photo. My blog, is my number two external referrer of pageviews to my Flickrstream. Are you on FriendFeed yet? You should be. It’s easy to set up and makes sure more people see your photos. Pownce (when it is working) is another place to post interesting photos.

4. Do you have your settings on Flickr configured for maximum exposure? After Flickr itself, Google drives more traffic to my Flickrstream than any other source, even my blog. Yahoo search and both Google and Yahoo image search drive traffic as well. But your photos will be blocked from appearing in search engines unless you authorize Flickr to display your images in search engines. Make sure your photostream is set to not "hide your stuff from public searches," here.

Same goes for the Flickr API. Lots of people are using the Flickr API in interesting ways. I get traffic from places like Flickrleech, Compfight, Technorati and lots of other places that use the Flickr API to extend your photos outside of Flickr. Make sure that you’ve authorized Flickr to allow API access to your photos here.

5. Explore. Explore still remains the number one way to get photos viewed on Flickr. Explore uses Flickr’s "Magic Donkey" algorithm to each day highlight 500 of what Flickr feels are the best photos on Flickr for that day. It’s a very popular section of the site despite the fact that everyone seems to constantly hate Explore and decry its mediocrity in selecting exceptional photos. Explore has changed and evolved a lot since it was first introduced at Flickr a few years back. Initially things like *when* you posted your photos mattered.

Whether or not Flickr chooses your photos for Explore is still very much a mystery. But there are some things that we do know. The more faves, comments, tags, etc. your photo gets, the more likely it is that it will appear in Explore. Explore also uses averaging in their algorithm now. This means that if your average photo gets 5 faves, then you’ll need to do considerably better than average if you hope to see that photo in Explore.

Photos are also constantly dropping in and out of Explore. I’ve got 157 photos in Explore at present but I’ve had 446 that have appeared in Explore at one time or another. You can check out which and how many of your photos that have been showcased by Flickr in Explore here. Just change my Flickr ID at the link above for your own.

6. Groups. Speaking of Explore, if you really want to get a particular photo in Explore consider adding it to a group that encourages tagging, faving and comments of photos. Photo critique groups are good examples of this. Some of the photo critique groups play games where tagging and commenting on a photo are part of the game. Flickr does not distinguish between a photo that has been commented on or tagged organically vs. one that is included in some sort of photo critique game. If you want to boost the likelihood that your photo will be selected for Explore consider putting a strong photo into one of these pools. Photo critique groups on Flickr run the gamut from nice and friendly photo critique groups like TWIP’s, to hostile and brutal photo critique groups like DeleteMe Uncensored (note NSFW and maybe not the best group if you are easily offended).

Whatever the case, the key to groups is participation. If you simply dump a bunch of photos blindly into random groups you will likely not get much benefit. In fact, Flickr actually penalizes photo rank if someone posts their photo to too many groups. But posting your photo to selective groups where you participate will encourage activity on your photos and photostream.

7. Tag for Exploration (especially your most popular photos). Why has this photo of mine been viewed over 27,000 times on Flickr? Well in part because it shows up on the first page search results on Flickr for the search term guitar. And why does it show up in searches for the word "guitar?" Because I’ve got the photo *tagged* guitar. By tagging your photos appropriately you can ensure that more people will see them in search. Think of other ways that you can tag your photos. Are all of your photos taken in San Francisco also tagged "California?" They should be. Are all of your photos tagged "self portrait" also tagged with your name? Again, they should be.

The better you keyword and tag your photos, the more likely they will show up in searches that take place on Flickr. Even if you think that your photos will never be popular enough to rank highly in search, remember that there are other ways that Flickr users can filter search. You can search just by your contacts photos on Flickr for instance. So even if you don’t have the most popular sunset photo amongst millions on Flickr, you might have the most popular sunset photo amongst your contacts because you tagged it.

A note that I’ve seen some people on Flickr abuse tags. They will tag every photo with girl, sunset, cat, etc. Even if these things are not in their photo simply to try and trick people into getting to their photos through search. This sucks. I’m not sure what/if/how Flickr penalizes people who do this, but it’s a crappy thing to do and ruins the search experience for everyone. Tag early and often, but only tag your photos with tags that truly are accurate and descriptive.

8. Geotag. One of the more interesting ways to find photos on Flickr is through exploring photos that are geotagged on a map. When I’m going to a new place that I’m not familiar with, frequently Flickr’s "Explore the World Map," is one of my first destinations. But of course your photos will not show up here if they are not geotagged. The best way to geotag your photos is actually at the file level before you upload them. I use Geotagger on the Mac which allows you to use Google Earth to geotag your photos. You can also download the free software program from Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to geotag photos on a PC.

Check what Flickr considers your most popular photos and make sure that you geotag (and more descriptively tag) these photos especially — even if you have to geotag these shots on Flickr using their tools. Geotagging has been documented by Flickr staff as increasing the Flickr "interestingness" rating of a photograph.

9. Consider creating a few "best of" sets and feature them prominently on your Flickrstream. Frequently when people first discover your photostream they don’t have time to check out your entire stream. But if you make it easier for them and create a few sets that highlight some of your best work they may stick around longer. I’ve created two such sets myself. My 10 faves or more set and my 25 faves or more set. These sets highlight what are some of my best work according to the Flickr community and are my two most visited sets on Flickr. As my photos are faved 10 or 25 times I add the tag fav10 or fav25 to these sets and then use SmartSetr to automatically generate these sets.

Make sure also that you change your Flickr page layout from the boring default one to one that highlights your collections and sets better.

10. Tell everyone you know about your Flickrstream. Are you active on other social networks? Is a link to your Flickrstream prominently displayed on your blog? On your Facebook profile page? Be sure to include a link to your Flickrstream in every profile that you are on with other sites. Consider buying Moo cards (even though has been lousy for me lately and won’t let me buy anymore cards from them) which highlight your photostream that you can give out to people that you run across while out shooting. Tell your friends and family and your offline "real life" contacts about your Flickrstream.

Bonus tip: Reciprocation. Above everything else, perhaps the most important thing about Flickr is that it is a community and a reciprocation based community. If you think that you can just post your photos on the site and they will garner thousands of faves and views simply because, you are wrong. Even the best photos on Flickr will not get very much attention if you simply upload them to the site and never participate.

Flickr has been built to encourage reciprocation. In fact a recent study cited reciprocation as the number one key to popularity on Flickr. Every single time you fave or comment on someone else’s photo you are giving them a link back to your own photostream. While you may not have the time to check out *everyone* who faves your photos, spend time each day faving and commenting on other people’s photos on Flickr. By sharing with others the fact that you appreciate their photos they will return the favor. Be generous with your faves and comments. Remember, other people like the attention as much as you do.

On digg here.

Update: An interesting link to comments Flickr staff have made about the Explore algorithm here. Thanks, Ole!

Cool Discover Card images

Cool Discover Card images

Check out these discover card images:

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Image by Jose Luis Mieza Photography
Thank you all my dears Flickr friends for your sweet comments! I do appreciate them very, very much

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Someone said Goodbye Enya

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"……..When I return to my house I find that visitors have been there and left
their cards, either a bunch of flowers, or a wreath of evergreen, or a
name in pencil on a yellow walnut leaf or a chip. They who come rarely
to the woods take some little piece of the forest into their hands
to play with by the way, which they leave, either intentionally or
accidentally. One has peeled a willow wand, woven it into a ring, and
dropped it on my table. I could always tell if visitors had called in
my absence, either by the bended twigs or grass, or the print of their
shoes, and generally of what sex or age or quality they were by some
slight trace left, as a flower dropped, or a bunch of grass plucked and
thrown away, even as far off as the railroad, half a mile distant, or by
the lingering odor of a cigar or pipe. Nay, I was frequently notified of
the passage of a traveller along the highway sixty rods off by the scent
of his pipe………"

Henry David Thoreau (Walden)

Summer. When the day is over
There’s a heart a little colder;
Someone said goodbye,
But you don’t know why.
Somewhere there is someone keeping
All the tears they have been weeping,
Someone said goodbye,
But you don’t know why.

Is there a reason
Why a broken heart begins to cry?
Is there a reason
You were lost although you don’t know why?
Give me a reason
Why you never want to say goodbye.
If there’s a reason,
I don’t know why.

Always looking for a meaning,
All the time you keep believing,
But I don’t know why
You won’t say goodbye.
Even when the sun is shining
You don’t see the silver lining,
But I don’t know why
You won’t say goodbye.

Is there a reason
Why a broken dream can never fly?
Is there a reason
You believe and then you close your eyes?
Give me a reason
Why you hide away so much inside.
If there’s a reason,
I don’t know why.

Is there a reason
Why a broken heart begins to cry?
Is there a reason
You were lost although you don’t know why?
Give me a reason
Why you never want to say goodbye.
If there’s a reason
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why

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Alone by the river
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Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for September 1, 2014.

Note: the photo was published in a Jan 29, 2015 blog titled "Writing Friends Are Electric."


Nearly a year elapsed after I photographed the tango dancers gathering on Pier 45 (where Christopher Street runs into the Hudson River in New York City’s West Village), before I finally came back in late-August 2014. I had been preoccupied with other duties, and I was away from the city for most of August, finally returning to the Pier 45 on the weekend before Labor Day…

As I’ve mentioned in other Flickr sets, I have now met a few of the dancers at previous tango events, and I made a point of introducing myself to several others, handing out business cards with my Flickr address so that people would be able to find these pictures without too much difficulty. But the dancers have good reason to be more interested in the music, and the movement of their partners, than a guy on the sideline with a camera — so most of them simply ignore me…

As I’ve also pointed out in some previous Flickr albums (here, for example), I do not dance the tango; and even after watching the dancers for nearly three years, I know almost nothing about the history, the folklore, or even the steps and rhythms of the tango. But after accidentally stumbling upon a local gathering of tango aficionados on a business trip to Washington in August 2009 (see my Flickr set Last tango in Washington), I discovered that there were similar informal events throughout New York City. When I got home, I searched on the Internet and found a schedule of upcoming tango events at several different NYC locations — including Pier 45, where I made my first visit in mid-April of 2010, which led to this set of photos.

Altogether, I’ve now taken a dozen sets of tango-related photos, and you can see a thumbnail overview of them in this Flickr collection. And if you’d like to watch some other examples NYC tango dancing, check out Richard Lipkin’s Guide to Argentine Tango in New York City.

For a video version of the tango dancers, complete with music (which isn’t really tango music, but that’s okay), check out my YouTube page from 2011; it’s here:…

Might 27th 2008 – What’s when you look at the Cards

Might 27th 2008 – What’s when you look at the Cards

Browse these discover card pictures:

Might 27th 2008 – what is in Cards
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Image by Stephen Poff
Finest number in explore number 5!

Today ended up being my first-day returning to work after being on a break the other day. I feel refreshed. Personally I think like We purged several demons. Positive thing is.. I still have about virtually 3 weeks holiday left, one of that will be spent on a cruise! 😉

This don’t come out quite the way I thought, but right here its nonetheless. It is for our podcast mini challenge of "The Number 365"

Back when I started my project, i did not really understand what I had before me. It absolutely was really just a straightforward little thing that was gonna simply take me annually to accomplish and that might also keep track of my baldness over that year… I’m only half-joking. But I soon started initially to understand just what it was doing for me personally.

The 365 Days task pushed us to simply take another glance at the means I viewed myself therefore the world around me. I discovered things that I both liked and disliked about myself and as a result of that i do believe I made some solid choices to improve my life.

Along side it advantage was that I was becoming more innovative and establishing my skills as a photographer. The job I happened to be performing had been getting observed more and it resulted in many independent work and therefore i believe, the job i’ve these days.

After getting hired for the job and going to Montgomery, there was another side benefit, the 365 Group. In August, Mav found my flow and things have not been the same since. I met most buddys and feel just like I’ve been capable pass on some some of the things that I’ve learned… that is exceedingly gratifying.

Will I continue following this year is up? I’m not sure. We stop after my first 12 months thinking that I’d finished my brand new years resolution hence there clearly wasn’t any genuine point to carrying it out once again. But right here i will be a couple of years later with you once again. In 2010 has-been more info on the photography and reconnecting to you dudes that it has-been about self-discovery, but i am finding out that i am mastering even more about myself than back in ’06… therefore we’ll see.

Moreover, i am just happy that I have you dudes surrounding this time. January to August 2006 was a lonely time for 365.

Vile and Unspeakable
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Image by ewixx
I was sitting in my own library reading because of the dim light of a kerosene lamp whenever something uncommon happened. My library is fairly substantial (it really is undoubtedly so vast and labyrinthical that my manservant does not want to enter it having already been lost inside often; the past time he ventured within he came out with an appearance of profound scary on his face and contains since declined to go in there once again; at that time I laughed at him — the good news is we share their fright) — substantial the library is and I was ever before toiling to finish registering all its hereditary treasures on collection cards. I must. We cannot let these volumes decompose. Because of it appears to me personally the really soul with this great old home is usually to be found amongst the covers of these old volumes. When I ended up being leafing through a particularly large and seemingly boring volume in Latin, a note fell from the pages regarding the book. Regarding decaying report were numerous records and an object research of a strange fish. A fast evaluation to start with proposed to me that this ended up being an attempt to review and describe some strange specimen of seafood that certain of my forefathers may have discovered on a single of his trips. And strange it was! Although it appeared as if a rather little seafood, it had exactly what seemed disconcertingly like a person attention! And a frigthened one at that. Now it haunts my sleep plus in truth We have maybe not slept a wink because this cursed note landed before me. Whenever I close my eyes I note that seafood staring reproachfully at me personally! Perhaps it was not, most likely, something experienced on a voyage to distant places. I know that my forefathers carried out many strange experiments within these wall space. But undoubtedly they can’t have committed these types of an unspeakable deed?

Click on this link for a bigger view.

[All sources my very own, except a niche brush by Don Seegmiller]

Discover Card Review

Discover Card Review

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Unboxing of my new favorite credit card! So so fancy!

Excuse my heavy breathing and the shake…haha. Shot on my iPhone 4S.

Discover it Card (Review)

Discover it Card (Review)

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