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Del Tom Hucker (left) greets consumer attorney Phillip Robinson

Del Tom Hucker (left) greets consumer attorney Phillip Robinson

A few nice consumer fraud images I found:

Del Tom Hucker (left) greets consumer attorney Phillip Robinson
consumer fraud
Image by mdfriendofhillary
Phillip Robinson is the Executive Director of Civil Justice Inc., a Maryland-based public interest legal association that provides services to consumers. Phillip was recognized as the 2008 Denis J. Murphy Maryland Consumer Advocate of the Year by MCRC and as a Maryland ”Super Lawyer” for 2008-2009 for his work as a leading public interest attorney helping consumers who are victims of unfair foreclosure, predatory lending practices, and mortgage fraud.
Delegate Tom Hucker is in his second term as a member of the Maryland Assembly, representing Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland.

Judge Eric Brown Files Petitions for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
consumer fraud
Image by ProgressOhio
The Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court is not only that of a justice, but also that of a chief., Judge Brown has extensive leadership and management experience that will serve the courts of Ohio well. He has owned and successfully operated two small businesses, and for his leadership, his local chamber of commerce selected him as its business person of the year. He served more than a decade as a leader of the Cuyahoga County Bar Association. While working for the Ohio Attorney General, he served as assistant and acting chief of the Consumer Protection Section, leading a staff of 70 working to protect Ohio consumer from fraud. Brown also served the Attorney General as Tobacco Litigation Counsel, helping to manage the largest litigation in Ohio history, supervising staff attorneys, and coordinating Ohio’s efforts with those of 40 other states. As Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge, he handled more than 5,000 cases on his docket. Now, as the sole judge of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Probate Division, Judge Brown leads a staff of 50, including seven magistrates.

Del Tom Hucker (left) greets consumer attorney Phillip Robinson
consumer fraud
Image by mdfriendofhillary
Phillip Robinson is the Executive Director of Civil Justice Inc., a Maryland-based public interest legal association that provides services to consumers. Phillip was recognized as the 2008 Denis J. Murphy Maryland Consumer Advocate of the Year by MCRC and as a Maryland ”Super Lawyer” for 2008-2009 for his work as a leading public interest attorney helping consumers who are victims of unfair foreclosure, predatory lending practices, and mortgage fraud.
Delegate Tom Hucker is in his second term as a member of the Maryland Assembly, representing Silver Spring and Takoma Park, Maryland.

Anatomy of Vehicle Lease Fraud

Anatomy of Vehicle Lease Fraud

I hope the economic downturn is not beating you up too badly. Obviously it’s taking its toll on several sectors of the economy, one of which is car dealers.

I would hope that car dealers will fight their way out of the downturn with ethical and honest sales and service, and undoubtedly some will. However, there will be those that will not, and will turn instead down the dark path of deceiving consumers. To prevent against these dealers and these deceptions, we offer the advice and insight as found on my blog and in several articles I have written for many publications.

One area of car dealer fraud that we continue to see quite a bit of involves fraud in car leases. Even with the credit crunch, dealers are still able to arrange for financing for car leases, and car leases are frequently more expensive for consumers, although they appear as less expensive on the surface.

The classic lease fraud is the “bait and switch,” where a consumer goes to a dealer to buy a car and believes he is buying a car, but is instead switched into a lease. Sometimes dealers will tell consumers that they need to sign up for a lease “for a short time” to let interest rates come down, or some other malarky, and promise to change the deal to a purchase deal “in a few weeks.” When the consumer returns “in a few weeks,” the salesperson who negotiated the lease with him is nowhere to be found and no one at the dealer has any interest in changing the consumer into the promised purchase transaction.

There are various reasons why dealers would prefer to put you into a lease as opposed to a purchase. For one thing, dealers often get larger incentive bonuses from the leasing companies to put consumers into a lease, so dealers frequently make more money from the lenders on leases. Same with the manufacturers: depending on what is going on with vehicle inventory, manufacturers will often give dealers incentives to put consumers into leases instead of purchases. Finally, lease contracts are confusing, permitting dealers to throw more curveballs into the lease which result in higher hidden fees and payments by the consumer.

Currently, as of today, GM sales are off by over 40% and Ford sales are off by over 30%. I do not know the current status of Chrysler sales, but it’s probably similar. GM and Ford are in a position where they, and their dealers, will do just about anything to move vehicles off the lot. As stated above, there are truthfully quite a few dealers who will respond to the current pressures with honest ways and means of promoting vehicle sales, but there are also those that will respond dishonestly.

I do have a few tips if you are concerned about being switched into a vehicle lease, or if you are confused as to whether you will be paying more for a lease than for a purchase. Here are a few tips and pointers:

1. Remember that, with a lease, you are not buying the car. You are borrowing it, or renting it, for a longer period of time, and a lease deal actually has much in common with renting a car. There are often hidden fees at lease end which can make a seemingly less-expensive lease actually cost you more. There are hidden fees for excess mileage and wear and tear to the vehicle. If you know you drive 25,000 miles a year, then your lease should reflect that you drive 25,000 miles a year. If you lease a vehicle with a lease allowance of 15,000 miles a year, you would be penalized severely at lease end for the additional 10,000 miles a year.

2. It would be virtually impossible to describe all of the ways in which a lease can be more expensive than a purchase. First and foremost, you are buying nothing other than the use of the vehicle for a period of time within certain mileage limits, nothing more. You are not buying any ownership interest in the vehicle. Right then and there, a lease is usually more expensive because you have no trade-in at lease end. Many consumers are confused because they believe they can trade in a lease at lease end and receive credit, as if they owned the vehicle. This is not true.

3. At lease end, if you have any outstanding obligation on the lease (mileage penalty, condition penalty, unpaid lease payments), these are often rolled into your next vehicle purchase or lease. Watch your contract carefully to make sure that you get a fair deal on your next purchase or lease.

4. I recommend to all of my clients that they not sign anything on the spot at the dealership. Take the lease or purchase contract home and digest it overnight. Discuss it with a friend or a spouse. Go over it more than once. If consumers took this step alone and nothing more, they would likely avoid much of the fraud and monkey business at dealers because they would not be signing documents in a pressurized situation, after having been worn down by hours at the dealership.

If you, or your friends, have any further questions on leases and the potential for lease frauds, please do not hesitate to contact us. And, if you have been cheated on a lease, please consider us for your attorneys to resolve the situation.

Robert F. Brennan, Esq. is a principal with Brennan, Wiener & Associates, an AV-rated law firm in La Crescenta, CA.  His firm specializes in consumer protection litigation, including lemon law, car dealer fraud and consumer class actions.  He can be reached through his website:

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Linens-n-Things Rip-Off

Linens-n-Things Rip-Off

A few great customer fraudulence images I found:

Linens-n-Things Rip-Off
customer fraudulence
Image by ATIS547
close-up of advertising.

UPDATE: Reaction from Linens-N-Things:
With respect to Linens ‘n Things, i am sorry for any behavior you found unprofessional or miscommunication you’ve probably experienced. But our supervisors are very well versed in our advertisements therefore the interpretations of these. Again, I apologize for any trouble. Sincerely,
Jody Mege’

I would answer Jody that concern isn’t convenience, it’s fraud. Deceptive advertising is not "inconvenient," it’s immoral and illegal.

This seems like fraud: At 4:30pm February 17, 2008, in Rohnert Park, CA, the Linens-n-Things manager — "Max" — claimed in the check out the 50percent off deal couldn’t connect with my "Shower "Curtain / Liner" considering that the "Shower Essentials" regarded when you look at the advertising in addition to store signs was the BRAND "Shower Essentials," and not only any bath crucial. Max accompanied myself back into the bath section, and ended up being obligated to concur that there were no "Shower Essentials" branded items into the shop. Since the marketing and advertising circular pictured here guarantees that we could "Choose from over 100 types," it absolutely was clear even to Max the provide had not been so limited.

Then Max changed their story, and said that the 50% discount will be readily available just for a "shower curtain liner" which was the actual text in the shop indication, or, if you like the marketing and advertising circular pictured here, that your cashiers consulted, a "Liner." My item had been known as, as you care able to see above, a "Shower Curtain / Liner".

I inquired maximum if he truthfully intended that my "Shower Curtain / Liner" was not a "Shower Curtain Liner"? He stated you got that right. Thus I pointed to the next shelf up, which had the same item labeled as a "Shower Curtain or Liner" — had been that, too, omitted from provide for "Shower Curtain Liners"? Max verified the rebate cannot connect with that item. Both "Shower Curtain / Liner" additionally the "Shower Curtain or Liner" were virtually within inches for the sign providing a price reduction on "Shower Curtain Liners."

Max wouldn’t I would ike to just take an image associated with the indications and services and products in juxtaposition. In fact, he threatened to truly have the authorities escort me out of the shop basically took an image. Thus I asked whether maximum would sign a declaration asserting his place that I happened to be ineligible for the guaranteed rebate because a "Shower Curtain / Liner" isn’t a "Shower Curtain Liner" or a "Liner." Max declined. I asked maximum if he would let me know their last title. Max declined.

Well, you can observe from store receipt pictured here that Max and Linens and Things got the whole .99 out of my wallet, and kept on their own the rebate guaranteed because of the ad as well as the shop indication. Guess what happens’s actually unusual? Strange that shop manager would simply take a person towards mat over , and stranger still to get it done in clear breach associated with the law. But strangest of? I also asked at the sign-up whether or not the 20percent rebate had been readily available — it’s pictured within the flyer above, just to the left regarding the 50% provide. It states, "SAVE 20% — whole inventory steel Bath Acessries & Shower Curtains." Nope, stated the cashier, that 20percent rebate actually available to you — it is just for shower curtains, and what you have is a liner.

What are the odds that my "Shower Curtain / Liner" would-be neither a "Curtain" nor a "Liner"??? odd but real. Therefore, just what do we have here?
A) Worst customer support previously?
B) Worst in-store knowledge ever before?
C) Fraud?
D) Theft?
E) Violation of California Deceptive Trade Methods Act?
F) the above.

It is generally speaking unlawful to help make untrue or inaccurate statements of fact regarding the known reasons for, existence of, or levels of cost reductions.

It seems detrimental to Linens-n-Things, as well as for maximum. We at the least two matters against each. Here’s what Ca Business and Professions Code says, and I also quote:

"17508. (a) It shall be illegal for any person working in California and marketing and advertising to customers in California to produce any untrue or deceptive advertising claim…"

"17500. It really is unlawful…to… disseminate…any advertising unit… which can be untrue or inaccurate, and for any person…to so make…any these types of statement as an element of an agenda or scheme because of the intention never to sell that personal property…so promoted at price reported…. Any violation associated with provisions for this part is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment inside county prison not surpassing 6 months, or by a superb perhaps not exceeding two thousand five-hundred dollars (,500), or by both that imprisonment and good."

"§ 17507. It really is unlawful…if any cost established in (an advertisement) will not obviously and conspicuously identify this article of product or variety of solution to which it relates."

Full text of the flyer pictured above:
"buy one, get one 50% down. Whole Stock Shower Essentials, reg. .99-69.99. Pick from over 100 varieties of:
* Liners
* Rods
* Tub Mats
* Suction
* Rings
* Shower Caddies"

"Save 20percent Entire inventory Metal Bath Accessorites & Shower Curtains"

The Larger Cons
consumer fraud
Image by Aranami
A Freedom of Speech Poster
Discover the ways on most money grubbing male "apes", multiracial

– Conflicts – Induced Revolutions – Confiscations – Colonizations – Stock-Market Leeching – Slavery
They’re to aid the buyer into the proper perception of the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Nationalizations – Goods-laundries – Puppets – Assassins – Spies – Infiltrators
They are to aid the consumer in appropriate perception regarding the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Poisons – Wire Fraud – Money Forging – Race Correcting – Fake Convictions – Enemy-Police
They are to help the customer when you look at the proper perception for the conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.

– Psychosurgery – Scam Churches – Excuses – Pomp – Cover-Lies – half-Truths
They are to assist the customer when you look at the appropriate perception associated with conqueror, after WWIII. Turkey-dogs.


Browse the Glendale Philosopher set for more works by this amazing musician!

EU Health Commissioner Welcomed to NI
consumer fraud
Image by DUP Pictures
Diane Dodds MEP features welcomed the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Affairs Mr Tonio Borg to Northern Ireland recently to witness firsthand the excellent work being carried out in neuro-scientific health innovation.
Commenting on go to Mrs Dodds stated: “I am pleased your Commissioner has acknowledged our invite to check out the Province. Northern Ireland plays a substantial role in forward-looking initiatives, such as for example eHealth development in addition to European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy the aging process.
As a key note speaker at an associated Health celebration that I hosted into the European Parliament, the Commissioner observed exceptional samples of exactly how our overall health service is utilizing modern-day, innovative technology to provide a significantly better service to clients across Northern Ireland. This solution has got the possible to change the eHealth landscape across the rest of European countries.
Through Commissioner going to the Province, Northern Ireland is being placed solidly in the European spotlight in terms of health insurance and research innovation.
The European Commission’s suggestion for the next framework programme for analysis, Horizon 2020, has actually a standard spending plan of 80 billion Euro, of which 9 billion is focused on health research alone.
Therefore, it is crucial that we reveal the others of Europe that individuals have reached the leading edge of development, eHealth and study being draw down a portion of the resources. This would show to be a massive boost for Northern Ireland especially in today’s economic climate.

In light of the recent horsemeat scandal, We have in addition taken the opportunity to talk about the dilemma of meals protection and labelling utilizing the Commissioner. It is essential the public is reassured that major produce is safe which confidence within the food offer string is reconstructed.

In reaction into the crisis, the European Commission has suggested a rise in unannounced assessments for food companies and harder fines for labelling fraudulence. We must make sure that any additional red tape will not negatively impact on farmers in Northern Ireland and across European Countries who are not the reason for this dilemma.”

Cool Consumer Fraud images

Cool Consumer Fraud images

Check out these consumer fraud images:

MEPs vote in favour of a resolution for labelling of meat in processed foods by country of origin
consumer fraud
Image by European Parliament
Meat used as an ingredient in processed foods, such as lasagne, should be labelled by country of origin as is already the case with bovine fresh meat, said MEPs on Wednesday. They call on the European Commission, which published a report on the issue in late 2013, to come up with legislative proposals in order to rebuild consumer confidence in the wake of the horsemeat scandal and other food fraud cases.


These photos are copyright free, but must be credited: © European Union 2014 – European Parliament. (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license). If you need higher resolution files do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not forget to send the link or a copy of the publication to us: webcom-flickr(AT)

Charles Ponzi Book Cover
consumer fraud
Image by MarkGregory007
The cover the book I publish, Charles Ponzi’s autobiography. The cover design is by Aaron Lee, Florida graphics designer. This is the story of the world’s most famous swindler as told in his own words. Over 50 years out of print, and scarce, Ponzi’s autobiography is now available for your reading pleasure.…

A quote from the book by Charles Ponzi about the legitimacy of his postal coupon scheme.

“People must have thought I had discovered the buried treasure of the Incas. Or Alladin’s lamp. If they gave a thought at all to the coupons, they must have got dizzy figuring how many of them I needed to justify what I was doing. In fact, my visible resources were then in excess of ,000,000. Assuming I earned two cents on each coupon, I should have had to handle over 250,000,000 of them! It was absurd. There were not that many in the whole world. There had never been that many. And, it would have taken months to print them!

The Rise of Mr. Ponzi, By Charles Ponzi may be purchased on as a hardbound edition or an e-book. MM


Because of the billion Bernie Madoff investment scandal, Ponzi schemes are receiving lots of news
coverage. However, Ponzi schemes aren’t new; they have been around since the 1800s. With Ponzi frauds regularly surfacing, it is worth your while to know how to recognize one. I’ll also explain the differences and similarities between Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes.

Ponzi schemes are named after Charles Ponzi, a 1920’s Boston businessman who lured in investors with promises of a 50% return in 45 days if you bought one of his corporate promissory notes. Ponzi told Bostonians he would invest their money in international postal reply coupons, when in fact he didn’t have a real business operation and never intended to invest their money in a legitimate business.

His real plan was to “rob Peter to pay Paul.” He would simply pay investors their monthly interest with money he received from other investors.

With Ponzi schemes, as the number of new investors grow the supply of new investors available to solicit diminishes. Eventually the Ponzi bubble must burst under the pressure of meeting the promised interest payments to its ever-increasing investor base. While some early investors do receive interest payments, the newer investors lose all or most of their money when the scam is exposed. Again, that’s because there is no real business venture to generate legitimate income.

Unfortunately, Ponzi schemes can go on for years without detection. As long as investors receive their monthly interest payments they are happy and they don’t question the legitimacy of the alleged business operation.

Pyramid schemes are not typically investment schemes. They involve multi-level marketing opportunities. An illegal pyramid scheme relies on an organizational structure whereby compensation is derived primarily from recruiting others into the organization, rather than from the sale of goods or services. What differentiates a legal, multi-level marketing program from an illegal one is that a legal one generates profits mainly from the sale of merchandise.

Many illegal pyramids attempt to establish their legitimacy by purporting to sell a product. However, the merchandise or service to be sold is largely ignored. The pyramid scheme functions like a chain letter, and eventually collapses as participants try to recover their initial investment by recruiting more and more new investors from the ever decreasing number of prospects.

Finally, here are red flags of Ponzi and pyramid schemes with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim:

• You are provided with ‘insider’ or ‘secret’ information.
• The investment has an unusually high rate of return.
• You are pressured to invest.
• You are told the investment has no risk.
• You are unable to get regular reports on the status of your investment.
• It sounds too good to be true.
• Be leery of multi-level marketing opportunities that require large start-up costs.
• With multi-level marketing offers, be sure there is an actual product to sell.
• If there is a product, be certain there is a consumer market for the product.
• With multi-level marketing opportunities, be sure the sale of the product is the main focus of the marketing plan, not just bringing in new members.

copyright – Mark Mathosian, retired economic frauds investigator

Retail Fraudulence Growing

Retail Fraudulence Growing

consumer fraud
by CA Dept of Insurance policy Inning accordance with a record launched
by LexisNexis, United States sellers are enduring from $191 billion in fraud losses yearly. In fact, the typical vendor will certainly go through virtually 10 times the identification burglary of economic institutions.The retail market is currently struggling with $100 billion in losses as a result of
identity burglary; that number is pumped up to $ 191 billion when you consider shed and taken merchandise. Shops shed greater than twenty times the consumer scams losses which pertained to regarding$4.8 billion in 2008.”The complete effect of retail fraud is flexible as well as extensive as this criminal offense declares several sufferers,” stated Jacob D.
Almeida, Vice Head of state of Threat Solutions and also movie director of corporate markets.”We are seeing huge boosts in identification fraud on the whole as well as rises in the better well-known scams categories like chargebacks. With the economic crisis and also raising elegance in criminal fraudulence techniques, it is crucial that merchants and also banks work together to cut back on fraudulence.”Here’s the skinny on the different kinds of fraud influencing merchants: identity fraudulence or deceitful transactions declared the bulk of the expense of fraudulence, standing for 52 percent of total fraud losses. Also, it was some vendor groups particularly that endured the damage. Huge eCommerce merchants shed 40 %, an upsurge from last year.Merchants focusing on telecoms, on the internet gaming and social networking websites reported 64 percent to 67 percent of their total annual fraudulence loss as a result of identity fraud. Digital items merchants attributed 54%of their fraud loss to unapproved acquisitions. Additionally, one in 5 stores reported a rise in unauthorized purchases related to identity fraud.Credit card criminal activities continue to sharply climb, yet it has actually been alternative payment systems such as online and mobile repayments that have actually been a confusing resource of losses for some significant stores. Lastly, there’s”pleasant scams,”where a client puts an online acquisition with
their bank card, then problems a chargeback after obtaining the acquisition. This represented greater than one third of overall scams for online sellers. Mallory Megan works for Quick Recovery Service, a medical debt collection agency. Looking for subrogation!.?. !? Employ financial debt collection agencies.

The Smart Consumer’s Overview of Getting a Made use of Car

The Smart Consumer’s Overview of Getting a Made use of Car

consumer fraud
by Governor Neil Abercrombie The new centuries has so far

been a years of rampant consumer scams. Wise business and salespersons formulate new method to dupe the public on a day-to-day, if not a hourly basis. Hidden crash damage, rolled-back odometers, “washed lemon “autos, where the manufacturer has actually bought the vehicle under lemon laws and afterwards overlooked to divulge the auto’s background to the next purchaser, used vehicles sold as brand-new-these are simply a couple of locations where dealers and also makers are regularly committing scams versus consumers. My firm, by the method, focuses on representing consumers that have purchased “lemon”automobile or who have been the sufferers of automobile dealership fraudulence. This brief item is designed to help you in purchasing a made use of
automobile, giving you with the correct tools to secure on your own from being torn off on your following acquisition. PLEASE PRINT THIS POST OFF AND CARRY IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT TO PURCHASE YOUR NEXT USED CAR. SHOW IT TO THE UTILIZED AUTOMOBILE SALES-PERSON IF SHE OR HE BALKS AT OFFERING YOU WITH ANY OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION. I just acquired a made use of cars and truck with excellent results, and I am not an expert technician; rather, I’m simply a shrewd customer, which is an outgrowth of that I’m an intelligent as well as efficient customer attorney. The adhering to ideas, if followed, are far more likely to lead to an acceptable pre-owned automobile purchase. BRENNAN’S EIGHT-POINT CHECKLIST OF REQUIREMENTS IN BUYING A USED AUTOMOBILE AND ALSO AVOIDING ENDING UP BEING THE SUFFERERS OF A SCAMS 1)Always urge on a service warranty.”As-is”could easily be equated into lawful jargon as, “You’re stuck, fool.”Also a 30 -or 10-day guarantee is

far better than just”as-is “. 2)Insist that the supplier print on the guarantee, in strong letters,” THIS AUTOMOBILE HAS ACTUALLY BEEN EVALUATED FOR CRASH DAMAGES AND ACCIDENT REPAIR WORKS AND ALSO HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE FREE OF CRASH DAMAGE OR REPAIRS.”This after that becomes a component of the warranty. 3)Firmly insist that the supplier prints on the service warranty, in vibrant letters,”THIS Cars And Truck HAS NOT BEEN WENT BACK TO A DEALER OR PRODUCER DUE TO THE FACT THAT OF LEMON LEGISLATION DEFECTS OR ISSUES.

“If the supplier could run a guarantee solution print-out, urge that they do so as well as connect it to the warranty itself, with an added message published on the service warranty:” THE AFFIXED GUARANTEE SOLUTION HISTORY REPRESENTS THE FULL SERVICE WARRANTY BACKGROUND FOR THIS AUTOMOBILE, AS STATED BY ALL MAKER’S RECORDS.” 4)You will receive an odometer disclosure declaration as component of the vehicle acquisition. If there is any type of inscription on it such as”TMU”( mean”true miles unidentified”), watch out: this auto’s odometer has actually probably been meddled with. 5) Stipulate an examination drive of at least 10 miles. Urge on owning the vehicle in varying road problems: city roads, highway, straight and curvy roads both. Really intelligent consumers set up to have a friendly specialist auto mechanic, not associated with the marketing dealership, to accompany them for the flight. Paying a pleasant mechanic$50.00 to do the test-drive could save you a great deal of distress later on. 6)Prior to you purchase, have actually the cars and truck evaluated by a non-dealer-affiliated expert mechanic. The pleasant professional auto mechanic that accompanied you on the examination drive need to do simply great for this. Have the vehicle completely evaluated, as you will

probably be depending upon the vehicle, particularly for its safety and also dependability, for the following numerous years. In the future, anything past routine maintenance expenditures will certainly prove galling, so recognize exactly what you are entering in advance. 7)Research. You might such as the looks of the cars and truck, however it’ses a good idea to have a look at the automobile’s service document with Customer Reports or on the net. See the National Freeway Web traffic Safety Administration website(search under “NHTSA”) for warranty, issue and also fixing info concerning any car you are thinking about buying. 8)Although they are questionable, I advise buying a prolonged guarantee, especially if you mean on keeping the lorry for a very long time. That’s the list, which must supply delight as opposed to pain most of the times. It’s your insurance plan, so publish it out as well as lug it with you when you following make a

used-car acquisition. Check off each number as you finish that step of the checklist; then you’ll stand a much better possibility of not becoming the victim of a fraud in a made use of auto sale. I will certainly now discuss some issues concerning the documentation usually coming with a used-car sales transaction, including indicate maintain your eyes peeled off for and also some precise red flags that signify you not to buy that auto. All dealerships attempt to put off the paperwork action for the end. Whenever I get a secondhand car, I insist that the documentation step be done first

. Simply put, after I have actually become interested in a car, I want to see the documentation after that and there, prior to I begin discussing sales terms. All dealers have”dealer jackets” containing all documents for every separate cars and truck on

the lot. Evaluation these papers initially, as well as just after that go with a test-drive and also mechanical inspection. At the time of the sales close, you can anticipate that the salesperson or a clerk will certainly provide you with a pile of fine-print documents which would take a week to review. No person-not even a seasoned lawyer-can review all of those files quickly. However, you need to a minimum of eye these files, as well as keep an eye out for the adhering to important information: The”Odometer
Disclosure Statement “This is a record required by government legislation to accompany all sales of made use of vehicles. Read it, and ensure the dealer indicators it, for by doing so the dealer is licensing that the actual miles on the car are accurately mirrored on the odometer. If the”Odometer Disclosure Declaration “has an entrance such as”TMU”( which represents “True Miles Unknown”), or”Actual

Miles Unknown”, or any such access, do not

get the auto! Undoubtedly, the car has more miles on it compared to what is in fact revealing on the odometer. The “BUYER ‘S OVERVIEW”The” Buyer’s Overview “is the home window sticker label on an utilized car which reveals whether the automobile has a warranty. My firm idea to all made use of vehicle purchasers: only get vehicles with warranties. Do not buy cars and trucks “as-is.”The salesman will often tell you that some little old woman just owned the auto to and also from church, and also that dealer understands the solution background of the automobile since that’s where it was serviced, and so on, and so on– it’s all

a heap of prairie pickles. If you get a car “as-is”, anticipate to be duped. Anticipate troubles with the auto. When a dealership offers a cars and truck”as-is, it is informing you plainly that it wants no additional obligation for the lorry as soon as you drive it off the whole lot. And also if the car dealership does not want any type of responsibility for the auto, just what does that tell you concerning the car? The moral of the tale: purchase autos with guarantees, even if the service warranty is for just 1 Month. Guarantees give you legal rights in instance the cars and truck was marketed to you fraudulently or it turns out to be a lemon. When you purchase an auto “as-is”, that could be the end of the line for you regarding going after any fraud or lemon-law insurance claim. The ‘Warranty History “You need to request this, and also you ought to request it. Many dealerships have access to the guarantee history of the vehicles they

sell, and also specifically in the situation of new car dealerships for the very same make of cars. For instance, if you are purchasing a made use of Chevy from an accredited Chevy car dealership which services and also offers new Chevys, then that dealership has digital access to the guarantee history of the vehicle. This means that you could discover of any type of repair services

done to that

vehicle while it was under its original service warranty. You can swiftly learn if the vehicle was a lemon by its guarantee history. If you do not comprehend the “guarantee history “, have some knowledgeable discuss it to you. Ensure you understand it prior to you acquire the automobile. As well as, urge that the”warranty background”be attached to the warranty itself, with a depiction that it represents the full service warranty background for that cars and truck. This then gives the customer extra lawful rights if it turns out the automobile was offered fraudulently or it is a lemon.”DISCLOSURE NOTICES “If you are offered anything

called a “Disclosure Notice”, or such, BEWARE!!! Read over all the records to guarantee that you are not being marketed a recycled, or” washed “, lemon. Anything called a” Disclosure Notice”which reviews the mechanical condition of the automobile is a warning to back out of the deal as well as leave the dealership. You do not want to get a”laundered lemon “-it will likely cost you more difficulty compared to you ever before thought of feasible.

In short, don’t purchase an auto

if there’s any kind of indication that it’s a”laundered lemon.”The above, after that, are the fundamental records you should maintain your eyes peeled off for. As a matter of fact, for your personal security you must require to see them. The dealer may not have the”guarantee background “, but it should have all the others. Robert F. Brennan, Esq. is a principal with Brennan, Wiener & Associates, an AV-rated law practice in La Crescenta, CA. His company specializes in customer defense lawsuits, consisting of lemon legislation, cars and truck supplier scams and customer course activities. He

can be reached through his website:

Walmart false advertisement consumer fraud

Walmart false advertisement consumer fraud

Wal-Mart been false advertisement for years don’t matter if its 4¢ or false advertisement is false advertisement should not be tolerated all Walmarts oh you a refund. they mean but rip off too
Video Rating: / 5

Protecting yourself from consumer fraud with Kevin Bousquet
Video Rating: / 5

Mauricio Lopez-Castro, 29, Coachella, CA

Mauricio Lopez-Castro, 29, Coachella, CA

Some awesome customer fraudulence pictures:

Mauricio Lopez-Castro, 29, Coachella, CA
consumer fraud
< img alt="customer scams"src=""width="400"/ > Image by CA Dept of Insurance Department of Insurance investigatives and also investigators with the Auto Insurance policy Fraud Job Force today apprehended seven suspects, charged an extra 22 that are self-surrendering, and also are still looking for 11 more suspects for purportedly running an arranged automobile insurance fraudulence ring that netted conspirators 0,492.

Customers Energy advises of phone frauds
consumer fraud
< img alt="consumer fraud"src =""width ="400"/ > Picture by Consumers Energy Customers Energy is cautioning Michigan locals of telephone
rip-offs in which individuals are pressured to earn prompt repayments utilizing pre paid charge card. Any person with concerns about their account need to call 800-477-5050. Discover more at waystopay.

Avoiding Consumer Fraud

Avoiding Consumer Fraud

Avoiding Consumer Fraud

Atty-General Lisa Madigan among others, join to alert customers of a number of fraudulent systems becoming perpetrated against people and companies, and what actions you can take to avoid becoming a victim of customer fraudulence.
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Amazing Customer Fraud pictures

Amazing Customer Fraud pictures

A couple of great customer fraud pictures I found:

The McCarthy McCain Platform
consumer fraud
< img alt=" customer fraudulence" src="" width=" 400"/ > Image by
< a href ="" > DawnOne Sarah Palin estimates” Joe the Plumber””, whose actual name is Sam (I am), on socialism. Never ever mind that “” JOE” lied about his identity, income, and certifications as a plumbing (or lack thereof). On socialism, he’s an authority. The McCain system is seeming a lot more like McCarthyism with each determined effort to terrify the United States citizens into the Republican camp.

On one more note, I wish that Obama’s granny lives enough time to see him end up being President! Momentarily term!

Sarah Palin assumes she’s speaking to French Head of state Sarkozy
Humorous trick telephone call!
< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > Satnitepalin_20081021_11sm

“” Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” “is to be aired on “” EDGE -Planet Eco-friendly’s all-new primetime programming destination””


As an example, I wrote-.

You seriously intend offering Sarah Palin loan to host a show on VERGE- World Green? So she can further her strategy to affect American popular opinion with her inane yet eventually harmful sights on ecology?

Please … reevaluate broadcasting “” Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” “Be guaranteed I WILL CERTAINLY NOT SEE IT, as well as will certainly prompt all my buddies to do similarly. I will additionally be less likely to transform on your channel in the future if this is the kind of programs you mean to go after in your brand-new line-up.

Best regards,.
( ME).

3 get in touches with to Send out to directly -.
Contact 1- Chris Finnegan.
Planet Green.
VP, Communications.

Get in touch with 2- Discovery’s Financier Relations department, please phone call -LRB-212-RRB- 548-5882 or toll-free -LRB-877-RRB- 324-5850, or email

Contact 3- Peter Liguori Chief Operating Officer.

THAT IS (huge shock …) Peter Liguori was previously FOX network senior vice president, advertising.


The eight-episode travelogue will certainly “reveal Alaska’s powerful appeal as it has actually never ever been shot, and as told by among the state’s proudest children,” Peter Liguori, Exploration’s principal running policeman, stated in a statement.
< a href="" rel=" nofollow" > … Peter Liguori Chief Operating Police officer Discovery Communications. Peter Liguori is a key participant of Exploration Communications’ elderly exec team, giving management as well as vision for the firm’s operational organizations, including Advertising, Discovery Studios, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs, Company Affairs, as well as Media Technology, Manufacturing and Operations, along with playing a vital function in company spending plan and organisation decisions. Along with his functional duty, Liguori chairs Exploration’s Material Board consisted of U.S. Networks general supervisors with an emphasis on making best use of the worth of the business’s advertising sources, network profile and total company properties. Liguori signed up with Fox/ Liberty Networks in 1996 as elderly vice president, advertising, for a brand-new joint endeavor, which currently consists of Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox Sports World, RATE and also National Geographic Channel. Prior to joining Fox, Liguori was vice president, consumer advertising, at HBO. Before HBO, he worked in marketing at Ogilvy & Mather and also Saatchi & Saatchi. He is a graduate orgasm laude of Yale University.< a href ="” rel=” nofollow” > … Credit history< img alt=" customer fraudulence" src="" width=" 400"/ > Photo by< a href=""
> Andres Rueda Scams< img alt=" customer scams" src="” size=” 400″/ > Photo by
corporatemonkey I might have to go back and also get this tee shirt. If for not various other factor besides the reality that it claims “You
Had Better Inspect Hand” … I’m not 100% sure just what the typo is. Trigger there are @ least 2 opportunities …