so much for the boston bombing’s attempt to hide CISPA’s passing : san francisco (2013)

so much for the boston bombing’s attempt to hide CISPA’s passing : san francisco (2013)

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so much for the boston bombing’s attempt to hide CISPA’s passing : san francisco (2013)
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The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

every time, around the world, when there is a strangely manufactured tragedy, a bill passes in the mayhem. will it happen again? this one is allegedly worse than the patriot act in terms of allowing immunity and impunity for corporations that betray your information that they have been entrusted with — a "get out of jail" free card for them to use at any time as long as the "hackers" might exist, lol.

remember columbine? how it was used to hide the heaviest bombings of kosovo?

check it out.

"Under the legislation, businesses and the federal government would be able to share technical data without worrying about anti-trust or classification laws. The bill also would grant businesses legal immunity if hacked so long as they acted in good faith to protect their networks."

see what’s up and why 600 million dollars was spent trying to push this controversial "legislation" that violates ALL your online privacy and holds you responsible for all your words, pictures and ideas.…

and, just so you feel comfortable having some ABSOLUTELY solid evidence of how this will affect certain people let me open your eyes to the new surveillance that will surround "self reporting" errors that are currently in operation.

you know what i mean, you go down to the dude who calls himself a "doctor" and she asks you basic questions each year and you lie.

she says, "so, margaret, how many glasses of wine do you drink a day?"

margaret CHRONICALLY LIES (like most americans who lie) and says, "oh, i don’t drink more than three glasses a week! and red wine is good for you." however, margaret actually goes through five bottles of two buck chuck’s red wine every week at trader joes — a corporation who will sell this information to the government (who have hijacked the medical care industry under obama’s rule) and then margaret’s insurance rates will go up. and the "u.s. govt" can fish around for other bills and receipts, email threads or online "confessions".

per this request, safeway or cvs might also let the "u.s. govt" know that margaret is also using several kinds of over the counter drugs on a regular basis. and they might itemize her eating habits to determine her overall well-being.

and this kind of "shopping surveillance" will be aptly applied to ANY and ALL areas of one’s life where tracking monitors are in place (oh, big surprise, any corporate outlet).

so, technically, at first (ahh, the monkey’s paw in this design), only bad people will be in trouble. which makes us consider our own ethical and moral conditions as real people. what are our vices and addictions and penchants and abuses? how secret are they? are they self destructive?

and then there’s always that voice that sounds like an alarm clock talking – "they’re taking over folks. it’s happening right in front of our eyes!!

and honestly, i think u.s. citizens have become so crazy and weird and detached from "reality" that maybe it’s not the worstest ever thing that the blinders are so firmly attached to the head of the average citizen.

and why shouldn’t americans be confused!? isn’t it time we own up to who and what we are as a nation of peddling pornographers, weapons’ manufacturers and surveillance technology. if we don’t, sooner and later some other power structure will fill this gap we are "supposedly" vacating.

but most americans are bonded and manacled to usury in the form of home loans, student loans, car loans or business loans. so we work stupid jobs and waste our life hours looking at screens and typing dumb messages and acting like we actually do any real work.

we don’t grow our own food or actively source our water quality and air quality.
we shop and buy stuff and try it on and wear it out.

but it’s not too late.
we still have time to build the towers and show the world that we ain’t babylon!!!!
or we can roll with the rogue government that’s currently in place.
personally, i’m cool with either version of the story.
but it’s still good advice not to fuck with love

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