Nice Buy Home photos

Nice Buy Home photos

Check out these buy home images:

Money can’t buy love & health. But everything else… #loungin #home #crib
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Image by kaysha

Division43: front room
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Image by B_Zedan
Division43 micro homes in Portland, Oregon. This is the 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom layout.

The front door is to the left, so the kitchen is right in the heart of the house.

This half bath does not have the most discrete door, it was the only uncomfortable thing about the house. It would just be weird to have friends over and hear them pee way too easily.

A really smart use of space made all the more impressive by the number of units (twenty-nine!), all with the same thoughtful construction.

If Chase and I were thousandaires and planned on being in the area for the next five years, we’d buy the hell out of one of these.

new work desk
buy home
Image by Hotfield
always our dream: an old desk. Frank found us on old desk in the shop building an neighbour bought himselve recently. In the rubbish of the shop building he found this desk and he told me: this is something for you to work on. And when he brought it home I loved it!

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