Cool Annual Credit History pictures

Cool Annual Credit History pictures

Check out these yearly credit history images:

Burning Man 2012 :: Hexayurt Density Map
annual credit file
Image by thejaymo
Firstly a huge massive thank you to GeoEye if you are super cool and providing me personally utilizing the full high-res picture to-do the count this season. I think the picture overhead actually offered any place else (full size/original image is scaled to 55per cent as to accommodate flickr’s 50mb picture upload cap – if anybody desires the full 150mb picture drop myself a note via here )

GeoEye‘s yearly high definition picture of Burning Man through the sky, taken on Friday 31st August 2012.
Image: © GeoEye – GeoEye Satellite Image

Pls credit @thejaymo when it comes to eyeball time 😉

A RATHER traditional matter :: 739 hexayurts

Note :: I counted this chart twice and took the lower matter.

In so far as I can see there were 739 hexayurt shaped frameworks (with the familiar 3point shine/shade/shadow on the roof) regarding playa this season. There are a number of smaller rectangular shaped frameworks being alongside / or near hexayurt encampments which can be H2 or H4’s. These were not included in the count when I ended up being uncomfortable making the call, because they could be just shiny tents.


We used the 30pt celebrity stamp tool and noted each construction from the map in a layer-on the image.
Unlike this past year, where we went across the camp in concentric groups.
this current year i split the camp to the 16 quadrants of the camp and worked the matter from the centre outwards in each one of these.

Afterwards i did get across the camp in concentric circles to ensure I experiencedn’t missed any regarding previous passes.

((additionally for those that are wondering how i counted the yurts right underneath the clouds, i overlayed a resized transparency of this picture taken regarding 30th (this is actually the picture that is available on geoeye website)unfortunately as a result of it being obtained from a slightly various course than this image, things don’t line-up *exactly* and I also must move it around by some pixels or maybe more to be sure every thing prearranged in whatever section I happened to be viewing. so i eliminated that transparency in image above))


739 hexayurts!!?? Wo0t it is way more than last year, and considering the formal populace of Black Rock city this present year had been 1578 men and women lower in 2010 than just last year – which should you the maths is a 54% enhance (by population) on just last year.

I’m this is a large win when it comes to project – and quite likely the biggest single implementation of open equipment up to now?

I’m unsure what number of more hexayurts will allow it to be on the playa the following year. Obviously i’m optimistic for lots more! But reports from friends and peeps into the hexayurt google team said it absolutely was impractical to obtain the bidirectional filament tape for building ANYWHERE in the country – this implies that Burning Man 2012 fatigued the offer string with ~750 yurts…

Yurts this season had been colored, i saw some green and purple people!!

Finally: Considering it was only 9 years ago the first hexayurt was constructed on the playa additionally the only investment which has ever already been produced in the project was a web domain; I think EVERYONE which has ever before built, designed, or added their particular amount of time in anyway towards hexayurt project should feel tremendously pleased.

Other Ideas

Besides seeing several tri and quad domes, i *think* i might have seen a hexaplex with never already been built before, it seems just like the same product – i included it inside matter both times – in my head it is surely in dispute. therefore i’m discussing it.

Plenty of even more terms written in the sand this year. <3 that

There are many than one group standing in a heart form – did they understand the satellite was moving over?

On the base right for the camp, there is an enormous purple arrow.

Informal songs, walkways, and roundabouts that run through and over the camps that break with and be noticed from geometry/layout of this camp, but can only be seen on close observance for the camp.

Perhaps an individual who checks out this may maybe travel a homemade drone to get a large step-by-step picture the following year?

i *STILL* need check-out burning man :C

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